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  • at_sai 13w

    What have you learnt this #quarantine ?

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    This quarantine I realised only studing is not important
    Bed Making is important
    Making a cup of tea for yourself is important
    Cooking is important
    Plating is important
    Choosing fresh vegetables while buying is important
    Dancing random steps is important
    Work out is important
    Catching up old buddies is important
    Reading is important
    Peace of mind is important

  • at_sai 16w

    And definitely Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars !
    By unknown writer


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    America sending astronauts into orbit during pandemic
    Why is it sounding like the script of INTERSTELLAR !

  • at_sai 16w

    If you think smoking is cool then I'll always consider you as a fool !

  • at_sai 16w

    No offense

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    Internet is full of idiots
    If you can't find one, you're the one!

  • at_sai 115w

    Oh, my dear Albert E,
    Tell me, what have I done to thee?
    I wandered fast and I wandered slow, 
    Much as a meandering river would flow. 
    But you made me travel with constant c 
    Whatever the speed of the observer be.
    You tucked me firmly into a curved space
    I must now climb hills red in the face. 
    Straight as an arrow I used to go
    How painful it is now to bend like a bow.

    Oft I get trapped in the gravitational field
    Of your astronomer friend Karl Schwarzschild. 
    Ever since the Big Bang, a long time back,
    I have been stretched out on the cosmic rack.
    Worst of all, I’m doomed to a double life
    As both particle and wave in schizophrenic strife.
    Oh, my dear, dear Albert E,
    Tell me, why have you done this to me?

  • at_sai 144w

    Truly EMINEM is genius

  • at_sai 145w

    Your words and actions didn't match still I fell for words ignoring all those actions every time.

  • at_sai 149w

    Intelligence is
    Sexy,Classy and attractive

  • at_sai 150w

    Just because I don't speak much and don't take part in gossips
    Doesn't mean that I'm arrogant

  • at_sai 150w

    By reading the writings of the most interesting minds in history, we meditate with our own minds and theirs as well. This is to me is a miracle.