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  • atewe_gift 15w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #mum

    When I was little, mom and I would go out to the meadows,
    She would stand in the wind whilst I pursued the butterflies
    The wind would ripple through our clothes, our hairs dancing mindlessly as it passed by,
    our skins would respond to its touch raising goosebumps like one in love when she sees her beloved

    Mom would wrap her hands around herself,
    close her eyes and draw in some air, feel as it sinks down her lungs losing its cool nature and comes out warm
    she would smile like she won the lottery, the most satisfying look on her face as she joined me to race after the butterflies, we would laugh together,
    those were the best memories I had of my mom

    Now I'm older, I still go out to the meadows but it's not the same anymore
    I'd repeat every gesture of hers and assume she was right inside of me doing the same,
    the tears would flow,
    they somehow reminded me of the watery glow in mother's eyes
    the wind would come to comfort me, dry my tears, sift through my hair as it compels it to move to the rhythm of its beat, I would smile, we'd play together, it, consciously making me relive every moment, so I don't feel too sad

    Before I'd leave, I'd always pick out a dandelion — mom's favorite, she called it “the Sun that brightens up your day”
    It was to be the first thing I'd see in the morning and the last before I'm absorbed into oblivion
    But before then I'd whisper to the wind and say “thank you for standing by me”


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    We may have lost one dear to us, but their memories we forever keep close to our hearts. That's all that really matters

  • atewe_gift 17w

    Cascading over my warm heart are the rivers of her love, filling me up to the brim. I will never thirst again

  • atewe_gift 17w

    Can you hold my heart like fragile feathers and never let it go?
    Can you keep me in your tight embrace and never let me roam?
    Will you clip my wings inbetween your thighs and never let me soar?
    I'm scared if you release me, I may never find my way home–back to you

  • atewe_gift 17w

    My tears although hold the agony of my parched soul wandering the wilderness of anguish, soothes the ache of my longing Spirit


  • atewe_gift 17w

    His ocean blue eyes that once embraced me into its bowels now shoots spears of ice at me, piercing into my depths, drowning me in despair, leaving me lifeless

  • atewe_gift 17w

    I see the trees sway effortlessly to the rhythm of the wind,
    every beat enchanting the frail brown stems,
    drawing them into its embrace

  • atewe_gift 17w

    A poem begins as a chrysalis of words emerging beautifully and settling into the depths of the human soul

  • atewe_gift 18w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #Trust #Pod

    Dad, are you there?
    Do you still hear me?
    I can't seem to feel you near Father,
    Why have you decided to stay far away from me?

    You have left me to the teeth of the lions,
    You have refused to hedge me in,
    In your presence the bears prey on my flesh.
    Dad I'm scared, do you see me?
    As the tears threaten to trickle down, I try to be strong,
    But just as the broken pitcher, it's beginning to leak out.

    Father, my sorrows abound,
    My heart bleeds as the deer butchered for the greed of the hunters,
    You turned your back towards me in my distress,
    I seek you in my desperate times but you choose to stay afar.

    Your ways are foreign to me,
    Your plans rest only in the awareness of their drafter,
    Your dealings with me I understand not.
    But who can question your ways Father?
    Your thoughts are a mystery in themselves,
    And although my mind seeks to understand,
    Revelation is kept far away from me.

    I long to feel you near father,
    To lay in your arms as the suckling in the arms of it's mother.
    I long for your kisses to lead me into your presence,
    For your love to tingle my skin as it did in the time past.
    I recall laughing like crazy when I used to feel it,
    Now my wistful memory fails me,
    I disremember what they used to feel like.

    I no longer feel your presence in the rippling wind.
    The soft daisies no longer reminds me of your gentle touch.
    I'm aching right here, do you feel it too?
    It's been too long a while Dad,
    I miss you.

    You promised you'd never leave me,
    Dad you said you won't forsake me.
    You said your presence will always abide with me,
    Why don't I feel it now?
    Have you obliviated me from your thoughts?

    You've never been one to lie father, never!
    And although I don't know your plan for me, I choose to believe it's the BOMB.
    I know you're up there, somewhere, staring right down at me with as much love as your heart can muster.

    You tell me to be patient, I will!
    You tell me to trust you, I will!
    Till you come through Father, I'll be right here waiting for you.
    And Father, if you never do,
    Still I'll wait.


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    Sometimes, when you don't understand what is going on, all you can really do is trust

  • atewe_gift 18w

    As sweet symphonies glide through the piercings of the speakers, I sway and twirl to the rhythm of the music. It is like burst of colours exploding across my darkened heart and rejuvenating my dying soul

  • atewe_gift 42w


    It spread its wings, levitating with every stroke of the wind
    Dancing to and fro, up and down,
    Was that a turn?
    The freedom I crave, the one I lack, the one I lost