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  • atharva_sharma 10w

    Zindagi jee le dost, na jane kal kya ho jaega....
    Ye waqt jaise dhuan hai, dekhte dekhte udd jaega...


  • atharva_sharma 12w

    In time, you will realise
    that the things that come without any pain are not worth having.

    ©Atharva Sharma

  • atharva_sharma 12w

    The eternity ended so soon...

    As her kiss became a scar.

    Now, I just gaze at the Moon...

    And flirt with thy star.

    ©Atharva Sharma

  • atharva_sharma 12w

    Past is a ghost... And Future, a dream.
    But what we have today is a "Present"
    Embrace it.

    © Atharva Sharma

  • atharva_sharma 13w

    Doubt and Pity drowns a person into the Ocean of Sorrow,
    If they follow the word "Self".


  • atharva_sharma 14w

    In that blood-soaked battlefield of Religion
    Thundered his deafening
    War Cry
    Climbing atop the heap of
    He slashed his saber into the
    To save his lands from its Rot
    He wages war against thy false Gods...


  • atharva_sharma 16w


    Distancing is an all time cure.....
    You see
    It's protecting the mankind from two of the most deadliest problems there ever were : The Virus and Emotional Codependency among us.....

    Just give it a thought.....