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  • athomes 12w

    Everyday I watched the sun
    Too many times, every time
    I need the filter of a dark, evil, belittling glass to watch the sun
    And yet I cherish it's warmth
    It's bright pure light
    For I am but a moon
    Who can only be viewed through the light of my sun
    Truly I am invisible to most but the sun,
    MY sun, sheds light on me
    Why couldn't I be a sun as well?
    I suppose I was born a moon and born to be one too
    We only need one sun after all

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    The sun and the Moon

    A poem about those who are bright and those who are mere reflections


  • athomes 12w

    Too many times a being falls to depravity
    Out of confusion and anger and fear
    Of nothing
    Of nothingness
    And maybe I should too
    But to that I say

    I am but an atom in a universe.
    And yet I stand proudly as my own planet,
    Who glimpsed warmth and light from another
    Who's warmth relies on its star.
    Be it shining for things and the tangible
    Or freedom and such abstracts.
    Or be it a person that kindly shares this feeling.

    I am but an atom in this universe and yet
    I stand proudly as a planet
    Who affects and is affected by other planets
    Whether it does good or not
    Be them large or small or different
    As are we all

    I am but an atom in a universe
    And yet I feel like the entire universe is me
    MY entire universe is me
    All of the other atoms and planets exist here in
    my universe
    So profoundly
    And yet I am my universe

    I am but an atom in a universe
    And a planet
    And a solar system
    And a galaxy
    And a universe
    And yet none of them are me

    I exist and cannot be understood
    nor can I understand
    For I exist in my own rules
    Hot is not cold
    Up is not down
    I cannot comprehend another universe
    Hot is cold
    Up is down
    And yet it seems in that universe
    It is the most logical natural rule

    I am but an atom in a universe
    I exist and cannot be understood
    Nor can I understand
    I am in a sea of separate existences
    That amount to something that cannot be fathomed
    Which makes them nothing

    And to that I say
    I am but an atom in a universe
    That is all I'll ever be

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    The Universe of an Atom