im sad, I'm getting better, nope back to being sad, my heart hurts

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  • audreyblackmore 2w


    Counting the days till I feel like me again.
    It’s only day 2
    I have nothing to lose

  • audreyblackmore 3w


    A lot of things seems appealing now.
    A knife across my wrist
    Some leaves wrapped up in paper
    Some bottles that needs a sip

    To deeper and darker days
    I’m excited to open my world to you
    The happy ones have left me
    It’s only down from here.

  • audreyblackmore 3w

    All I feel is pain.

  • audreyblackmore 3w

    Stress cardiomyopathy

    In the months you’ve found growth
    I found nothing close
    A coverup shaded under the emotions I withhold
    Broken heart syndrome
    who is even at fault
    It’s 100% me
    for not keeping us apart

  • audreyblackmore 4w


    Feeling sick
    The world has made me feel deadly
    But I want to tell you i Iove you
    Even if this sickness takes me
    Take it easy
    And don’t be hard on yourself
    You got this bubs
    You’ll figure it out. ❤️

  • audreyblackmore 4w


    Number 2
    These numbers may be foreign
    But they’re family to me
    Within these numbers lies memories
    They hold love.
    They hold history.

  • audreyblackmore 4w

    Fright fest

    These memories flash like haunting nightmares
    Fighting to make their way out of the mind
    Pulling every nerve on the way out
    It smiles and looks me straight in the eye.

  • audreyblackmore 4w

    Found something real that’s out of touch

  • audreyblackmore 4w

    Stuck in love

  • audreyblackmore 6w


    Selflessness is Attempting to put out someone else fire
    While yours is burning off your toes.
    Converting you brain language to theirs to try to understand how they think. Still standing up after every single hit down. Selflessness means killing your self for someone who doesn’t even realize you’re hurting in the process too.