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  • auroraym 4d

    I chose to love you
    in silence ...
    Because in silence,
    I did not find any rejection.

    I chose to love you
    In solitude ...
    Because in solitude,
    No one owns you except me.

    I chose to admire you
    From far...
    Because the distance protects me from the wound.

    I chose to kiss you
    In the wind ...
    Because the wind is softer than my lips.

    I chose to hug you
    In dreams...
    Because in a dream ...
    You will never end ...

  • auroraym 5d


    Before the Cambodian tree is embedded in the head
    The storyline is still in a coma
    Always keep tripping fog or lala prick
    There are tears of rain there are dancing moons

    Like the story between us
    It will not be complete even if the courtyard is different
    The wind will keep talking
    About black and hatred

    You are there united with the destiny that covers you
    Even here I am no different from you
    So why is revenge still roaring
    Wouldn't it be better to pray for each other to get to the blue palace

    For that let us change the storyline
    Do not take revenge until it perishes
    Let yourself be a negligent convict
    I miss the homely atmosphere

    Let the story continue
    Although we are different ways
    For you, I always let go of your prayers
    In order to always get the moonlight

  • auroraym 5d

    You are like dew
    Arid heart conditioner
    You look like the sun
    Warmer in the soul

    Yours sincerely
    The heart feels at peace
    But why is it only for a moment?
    At a time when happiness is present

    Now it's like being in a barren field
    Dry her crumbs taste
    Anxiety is increasingly felt
    Looking for coolness and peace

  • auroraym 5d

    There is no softest word
    in addition to saying longing while
    caressing your shadow in the eye.

    Beloved ..

    There is no way I feel alone
    when tears always melt
    be a part of every smile I have
    for my days remain awake
    from the word above the lost taste ..

    It is also impossible for this desire to crash
    and float in the lonely and lonely estuary
    at the moment with the puja present mu tub ocean

    That stretches wide in the stretch of my heart.
    until this love whitens like a tapestry
    on the shores of my life ..

    And if the wind blows
    hinting at the words of my heart that are stuck
    among the melodious melodies of the night

    Maybe your ears will feel it
    My very restless quiet vibration is very sad

    Just to call your name ..

  • auroraym 5d

    For me, you are the warmth
    which once permeated the world
    you are sad
    which once rained along in the rainy season.
    Shine as you guide your steps
    and dim when away from your shadow.

    we used to hold each other
    just to forget all the dreams
    beautiful but not necessarily ..
    together but it should not be.

    until sunny change drought
    sadness becomes the darkness of the heart
    like groping outside that stays bright
    with eyes closed ..

  • auroraym 1w

    Dark night covered with clouds
    A breeze pierces through the marrow
    Imagination drifting away hoping
    Is there still warmth approaching
    Seen from a distance I stared
    Sparkling like a flash of light in the darkness
    The heart whispered passionately full of hope
    Come prince from heaven
    Bring a drop of warmth
    Gives confidence and hope
    I am not alone tonight.

  • auroraym 1w

    In Despair

    I let my feet step ....
    Without directions ....
    A hidden hope
    It is obsolete without a trace
    Stay fragile in solitude
    Captured a wait
    Trying to survive touching the mist of goodness
    The mind has closed
    Dreamy desires are also hidden
    It's gone ...
    hit by a wave of uncertainty
    But hope is still in hiding
    Even though the soul is tired of drawing rigidity
    But I was cornered in defeat
    And regret for victory ....


  • auroraym 1w


    That evening showed hope
    Dismiss me from silence
    Make me realize the meaning of sincerity
    Despite the desire to feel deeply hidden
    But sincerity is able to wrap the scratches of old wounds

    I shelter in the dark
    Waiting for the full moon to disappear, Welcoming its bright presence
    In concentration accompanied by turmoil
    Don't you leave me alone in solitude

    I feel the presence of loyalty
    Covering the heart that was once pierced by thorns
    I feel sincerity adorns the heart
    Who once withered due to nine abuses

    "Your Presence Has Its Own Meaning In My Life"


  • auroraym 1w


    I left a message, to the sun, the illuminator of the real world, when he began to occupy the throne

    I long for a reply, about the expression of honesty, from behind the wall of feelings,
    What you scratch represents the heart
    So that this self is free from loneliness and illusion

    But the light has gone and changed
    I still haven't found the answer ...
    Heaven and earth are witnesses, This story remains a mystery ..

  • auroraym 1w

    Pseudo Hope

    A word is reminiscent of old wounds
    That should be buried as a secret
    Speak with your tongue as if fire burns hope
    Forcing the well to flow with clarity

    When the heart is torn to pieces
    Do not worry about staring in the mirage
    The universe has been forgotten
    Even the horizon is no longer real
    The mist of suffering is closed

    Guide the steps on vague traces
    Which begins to be erased by the cries of nature
    The thunder of lightning broke the silence of the night
    And this humble person is still waiting ....
    It was hot in the rain ...