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  • avanthikaleesha 1w


    A dawn is okay with me
    even though it sweeps through
    a pleasant sleep, shattering
    my reckless versions that don't exist,
    as it wakes me up to another sunrise

    A noon is okay with me
    even though my skin gets shriveled
    in the scary stares of a scorching sun
    as it glides a tide in between the
    survival instincts of mine

    A dusk is okay with me
    even though the shadows of departure socks my soul in frozen gloom,
    as it reminds me of a leisure time
    I couldn't make for a while.

    A night is okay with me
    even though the demons of darkness
    lick my brain with greed,
    as I can catch a lovely dream
    from shining stars and alluring moon

    What I'm afraid of
    is the silence of an empty sky,
    which lost its voice
    in a terrible void of an absolute point,
    where no words are left to say,
    no rages are left to burn, and
    no tears are left to cry, cause
    I know, even the whole particles of an entire universe isn't enough to fill it ever again...


  • avanthikaleesha 1w

    A Letter To My Dream Catcher

    Over a miraculous lover in my dreams,
    I prefer a dream catcher
    To smolder my nightmare without fire
    In heat of a thriving heart, and
    To unite fractions of my vivid reveries
    In grip of a profound soul...

    Over a celestial angel of destiny,
    I prefer an arrogant rebel
    To rewrite the glowing stars afar
    With clandestine letters of our illusions, and
    To blind darkness with tiny fleeting lights
    From an insomniac firefly of pure affection

    Over a flawless soulmate for life
    I prefer an imperfect human
    To bleed poignant poetry lines together
    From our scars and their insights, and
    To quarrel over silly yet wild imaginations
    About how the clouds conceive raindrops

    Quietly under a gentle blanket of ardour
    We will steal each other's dreams to
    Complete the enigmatic novels that
    Had been stuck in the middle for too long
    To make our grown up kids jealous of
    The eternal life we had within a mortal birth.


  • avanthikaleesha 4w

    "How long have you been here, hesitating to make a step forward?"

    "I'm afraid. "

    "Of falling? You can rise again, what's the big deal? "

    "What if I can't get up for too long? "

    "Then you learn to lie on the ground comfortably, until your legs are fine to take a walk again... "


  • avanthikaleesha 4w

    "Do you regret them, the terrible choices?"

    "I used to, a long time ago..."

    "Then, you got wise with time?

    "No, I just got matured enough for the
    terrible outcomes."


  • avanthikaleesha 4w

    It's another year, another decade...
    It's time to leave behind the scars of yesterday for an unscathed tomorrow...
    Remember to take the lessons, not the pain...
    Happy new year in advance...

    Thanks a lot @writersnetwork for the repost.
    I consider this as an encouragement to write more often in 2021. ��
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #2020 #happynewyear @mirakee #farewell

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    Goodbye 2020, a year of ambiguity
    With all its bitter and sweet moments...
    What am I supposed to call you?
    _ a nightmare that turned our world upside down or a peaceful retreat of enlightening revelations, I don't know!
    You wore us out with days that felt longer than 24 hours,
    Reminded how we used to feel home
    By confining us within four walls,
    Bewildered our minds to unfold the treasure bundles of creativity, and
    Fortified us to celebrate the solitude
    With black forest and red velvet cakes...
    I don't care if you were a curse or a blessing to humanity (nothing changes even if I care...)
    I'll just be grateful for the bonus points
    _ the time, insights, clarity and courage which were out of our sight within the old busy schedules..
    I promise to remember you for a long time... ( you don't have to leave traces behind...)


  • avanthikaleesha 5w

    Are you brave enough to love her,
    Even if she lives within her dreams
    To taste a little bit of death half asleep?

    You prefer to hold on to her,
    Even if she loves to sip bitter emotions
    To spill poetry from dreadful scars?

    You wanna exchange rings with her,
    Even if she inhales awful misery
    To show off an outcome of victory?

    Would you dare to marry her,
    Even if your days and nights
    Get agonized by nightmares
    Twisted from her knotty dreams?


  • avanthikaleesha 6w

    The sun hasn't risen yet?
    It's okay
    Let's count the glowing tiny stars
    Is the morning taking too long?
    It's okay
    Let's sleep for a little longer
    Are you lost in darkness?
    It's okay
    Let's brighten up the room with candles
    You get what I'm saying, right?
    Everything is okay,
    The tears, sweat, rejections, scoldings,
    failures and heart breaks
    As long as you have another day
    So, let yourself get a little lost today
    To figure out a unique path tomorrow


  • avanthikaleesha 7w

    Fill your heart with a million virtues
    But, try not to spill a single drop
    To get slurped by empty vessels...


  • avanthikaleesha 7w

    Demons are doppelgangers,
    Both within and outside,
    Assuaging hunger in attention,
    Sharpening weapons in battles,
    But, withering to history in neglect...


  • avanthikaleesha 7w

    When my soul gets renounced as a whole, I creep into my hazy imagination to impregnate her with unfettered emotions and devolve myself into an embryo to take solace in her umbilical cord of reveries...