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  • avicii501 14w


    There is no possible way to describe how exhausting it is to feel everything and yet nothing at the same time.

  • avicii501 39w

    It's been a while since I've written on here. I mostly need inspiration to write something decent and thank goodness I had some. #writersnetwork #poem #remember #quote

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    The Comprehension of Understanding

    Remember this. Take notes, memorize my speech, repeat if you must, but please remember: the difference between understanding and knowing lies solely between thin lines of sensibility, existence, and exposure.

  • avicii501 47w

    It's okay to vent every once in a while. It's perfectly natural and healthy. If you ever need to vent, feel free to reach out :) #Vent #writersnetwork #healthy #longpoem #poem #reachout

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    It Always Starts Off The Same.

    It always starts off the same.
    A sneaking sensation, a thought that lays adrift. It always creeps up on me on blue days but never on the yellow ones.
    It always ends the same too.
    Never enough courage, the procrastination of what I may or may not want. It never fails to repeat the process.

    On the blue days I sit and wonder what I've done wrong. I know I haven't but the blue days tell me otherwise. They always whisper, never shout, so that no one else may hear. I never reply and it makes the blue days even more frustrated as it grows bigger and bigger like a beast ferociously attacking its prey. Its dominance hovering me like the teeth of a dragon clasped onto my calf.

    On the yellow days, the dragon is gone but the wound is still there, deep, raw, and red. It had marked its territory. It owns me and I am its slave ready to serve It at any given time. It waits until the blue day reappears, drooling and hungry, temptation running through its veins.

    Navy blue sweeps through my core and I am no longer with a dragon but perhaps the devil himself. He too whispers but his whispers sound like ominous cries inside my head. Echoing inside this lonely chamber that keeps repeating, repeating, repeating and repeating until I come close to the reward He wants. I never give in and I still haven't figured out why. Perhaps Angel's cry out in hope to stop this madness. If they choose to stop me, why haven't they concluded the devil's work? Why must He come on navy blue days? Always always always. Repeating repeating repeating and repeating.

    I shut him up and he doesnt seem too happy. There is no hope for me. Angel's give an uproar and demand that I be blessed and set free but He frowned and didnt agree.

    Holy water is given only on the yellow days and I greedily drink until there is none to spare. The bottle now dry. Water drips down my stomach and i try to catch it from falling. I mustn't waste even a single drop. I save this all but sooner or later it must be absorbed and used up. The yellow day looking more and more dim.

    A mixture of different liquids stored inside a bottle of wine is given to me on the blue days. I must accept what I've been given and that too, I eagerly gulp. It tastes of the past and rock salt stored in the depths of the ocean that lays in my mind. Crashing and swaying, crashing and swaying. I drink and I drink. I refuse to give in. I refuse to get drunk. The liquid runs down my chin and I too, catch every single drop. I always catch the drops.

    I'm always parched on the yellow days. Always coughing on the blue days. My dry throat cracks and dusts every time I speak. I eagerly wait for the next beverage. Excited and jumping up and down for the next. It's not about the taste it's about the texture, how it feels. I want to feel the yellow days, I want to feel the blue days but they always leave me parched, and when the next bottle comes I run after it like a lost child yearning for their mother. My hand closes in desperation around the bottle, my tounge already swirming for the liquid, I gasp out for dry air as I place the bottle to my cracked lips. I can feel the liquid enter my stomach, the new and cool sensation still leaves me breathless even to this day. Once I get that moment, that journey, that challenge, that sip. It always starts off the same.

  • avicii501 51w

    It's okay to be jealous and want to be in someone's shoes from time to time, but always remember that being yourself is the most true form you could ever have. :) #BeYou #writersnetwork #shortpoem #jealousy #ThemandMe

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    Them and Me.

    I want to be them so bad.
    But by being them I wouldn't be me.
    But being me has led to nothing.
    And being them has led to something.
    If I was them,
    It would be the worst me I could ever be.
    Because being them is just simply not me.

  • avicii501 65w

    Everyone will someday encounter a breakdown. I truly wish for peace and calmness for whatever situation you're in. I promise you it'll get better. Stay strong.
    #power #writersnetwork #mentalhealth #poetry #write #originalcontent #quote #shortpoem #ocean #calm #itsokay #staystrong

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    Please let there be quiet,
    If not for a second.
    Please let there be stillness,
    If not for a moment.
    Let nothing but calm air wash away the tears we wept in anguish.
    For we have carried so much,
    Our hearts bend and twist like waves in the ocean.
    Crashing and swaying.
    Crashing and swaying.
    Please let there be peace within the mind of the beholder,
    If not just for a glimpse.
    Please let there be hope,
    If not for just now.
    Let us never walk beside the ocean that rests inside our hollow minds.
    Waves crashing and swaying us with false hope,
    Mocking us as we run alongside.
    And you, dear reader, the witness of it all.
    Waves are rapidly chasing and slapping our feet,
    The sand accumulating between our toes,
    Slick slabs of seaweed wrapping around our ankles
    Dragging us into its salty scent.
    Waves now so loud, the smell ever so intoxicating,
    Dragging and crashing, groaning and pulling,
    Echoing and insulting, selfish and mocking,
    I hate the ocean!
    No one likes the ocean.
    Drowning as we swim to shore, we cry out our last final breath:
    Please let there be peace within the minds of the beholder,
    If not just for a glimpse.
    Please let there be hope,
    If not for just now.
    The waves now quiet.
    The ocean now still.
    For just a moment,
    For only a second.
    Let it be.

  • avicii501 69w


    Never fail to remember that all of us as an individual have different weaknesses.
    It is quite easy to forget and I have a growing apprehension that some people may not be able to get back up. Instead of watching, why don't we try doing something? There is never a moment in life that is wasted time, for every second could be a simple act of kindness.
    Never fail to remember that all of us as an individual have many unknown strengths that can overcome the power of weakness.

  • avicii501 70w

    I haven't posted in a while so im sorry for taking so long! #writersblock #writersnetwork #flowers #love #cute #blossom

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    For every dead flower
    left dying and decayed
    Blossoms a fresh new one
    Stored inside a bouquet.

  • avicii501 78w

    I have a song that I listen to quite frequently and this particular line stands out to me the most and I have no idea why. You should definitely go listen to it, it is currently on Youtube. #music #MelanieMartinez #writersnetwork #poems #quotes #smallpoems #Youtube #justlisten

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    "Eyes like hazel
    Twinkle in the starlight.
    Even when they're crying
    Even when they're crying.

    Constellations forming out of scar lines,
    Even when they're dying.
    Love will still be trying."

    -'Bombs On Monday Morning' By: Melanie Martinez

  • avicii501 79w

    Many things in life can go wrong. If things go wrong, get back up, punch life in the face and get what you want! #smallpoem #poems #quotes #writersnetwork #life #relatable #nofair

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    Life isn't fair!
    Life wasn't meant to be fair, I know that!
    If life was fair, there would be no life!
    Oh, but how life tortures many.
    Life dangles opportunities in our face.
    Then, just before we can firmly grasp it, it snatches it away.

  • avicii501 80w

    I was really nervous about posting this because I didn't want people to get offended. I don't intend to hurt/offend anyone. When I sate "in what world has any type of love been boring" I mean this for ALL sexualities, not just straight people. #writersnetwork #whattpad #watpad #lgbtq #gaypride #shortpoem #poem #quotes

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    I once had a friend that told me I was boring because I was straight.
    In what world has any type of love been boring?