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  • avintagesoul 2w

    If you have atleast one such friend in your life,
    With whom you can be your true self,
    Can share all your vulnerabilities,
    Who stands by you in all your ups and downs,
    Who genuinely smiles in your happiness
    And shares your tears,
    Whatever be the distance,
    No matter where you are,
    You know they are always there a phone call away.
    If you have atleast one such friend,
    Trust me you are blessed.
    In a world where everything and everyone changes in a flick,
    They are your constants.

  • avintagesoul 2w

    The biggest mistake we all do is,
    Getting Habituated.
    Habituated, to a place,
    To a person,
    To certain behaviours.
    The journey called life,
    Is never meant to be the same.
    You are not meant to be at the same place forever,
    Life is gonna make you shift places,
    Leaving behind your favorite city.
    People come into your life only to leave.
    You can't stop and blame them,
    Coz, they are continuing their journey.
    And so should you.
    Let it all go.
    Dont get habituated,
    To Anyone,
    To Anywhere.

  • avintagesoul 3w

    Many, including me has the habit of doubting one self.
    What kind of a person am I?
    What impact do I leave on the people I meet?
    Am i of any help to the world?
    Am I worthy enough?
    Am I good enough?
    What am I capable of?
    Take a moment to think,
    Will you like you,
    If you met You?
    Will you befriend You?
    Will you love You?
    Will you trust You?
    Will you hold on to You?

  • avintagesoul 4w

    "The version of me,
    That exist in your mind is not my responsibility"
    And so does
    The version of You,
    That exist in my mind.
    If you don't stand up to my expectations,
    It's not your responsibility.
    If you don't make me happy all the time,
    It's not your responsibility.
    I am responsible for my own happiness,
    I am responsible for my breakdowns,
    I am responsible,
    For they are all just expectations.

  • avintagesoul 5w

    We were all born the same,
    Innocent hearted.
    The question remains,
    Will we die the same innocent hearted
    Or will this world turn us cold hearted?

  • avintagesoul 6w

    Smiling faces in front of you,
    Bitching about you at your back,
    Wonder what pleasure they get?
    If you don't like something about someone,
    Say it on their face.
    If their actions bother you,
    Say it on their face.
    You speak about them in their absence,
    Judge then,
    Laugh at them.
    Nothing about them changes,
    But a lot about you change for sure.

  • avintagesoul 7w

    Why I never want to fall in love?
    Love is like a devil to me,
    I hide my self,
    Yet it finds me,
    Finds me at my worst.
    It comes when I least expect it,
    Fills my heart,
    And leaves when I least expect it to.
    Leaving behind a void,
    That never heals.
    They say time heals everything,
    Yet for me it doesn't ,
    It remains,
    Reminding me,
    Of what I had,
    Of what I lost,
    Of what I will never have.
    And of all that I lost,
    Biggest was my faith itself.
    The emptiness within,
    The heaviness,
    I never wished for them,
    I never wished for love,
    Yet it found me,
    Broke me,
    Destroyed me,
    Like a devil.

  • avintagesoul 7w

    Dear friend,
    If tomorrow am no more,
    Will you miss me?
    Will you think of me?
    The stories I told you about,
    The music I shared,
    The dreams I had,
    The way we laughed,
    The things that made me cry,
    The secrets I told you,
    The fights we had,
    The photographs,
    Will you remember them?
    Will you remember me?

  • avintagesoul 7w

    How long will you ignore the signs?
    Wake up !

  • avintagesoul 8w

    Wonder what makes a man take his own life?
    I mean, yes we all fall.
    Sometimes so badly that we see nothing in front
    Of us.
    Left alone in a dark place.
    No one comes to save,
    But then, what makes us take our own life ?
    Is it the pain?
    The hopeless? Or
    The loneliness?
    How many times would have that thought passed through ones mind before one actually does it?
    How many times did it pass through yours?