doctor , psychiatrist , mother , published poet , lead actor in a film, bharatnatyam dancer.

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  • avishkari9079 18h


    Not everyone who is successful, famous and wealthy is attractive if you are looking for virtues.

  • avishkari9079 2d

    Existential epidemiology

    There are more coincidences
    Than incidences in my life :-)

  • avishkari9079 2d


    Not everyone gets hungry for the same things.

  • avishkari9079 3d

    Facts #2

    You are more easily forgotten by the one
    Whose tears you wiped
    Than the one with whom you laughed

  • avishkari9079 3d

    Facts # 1

    You always lose friends more easily
    Than you lose enemies !

  • avishkari9079 4d

    Do men like to see a woman cry ?

    Boys are told not to cry .
    As a woman I was often told women used "crying" as a weapon against men , instead of offering a good enough premise for their fight.
    So , even when I had all the reason to cry
    So , even when I was abused , harassed , humiliated , I did not cry.
    And they chose to see me as an abuser instead of a victim !!!! Men do love to see a strong woman cry.

  • avishkari9079 4d

    I do wish sometimes , we were not divided
    Because you know to console me exactly
    The way I console everyone else.
    Just knowing that is not enough


  • avishkari9079 4d

    Poetry as abusive technique

    My abuser could not be creative .
    So he chose to use my metaphors
    To concretely abuse me.
    I suffered like Hannah of 13 reasons why ?
    I was not a teenager , but shock is not a disorder of age .

  • avishkari9079 1w

    No energy fo fight even if I am right.
    Who cares about right & wrong ?
    Your little eyes cried .
    You washed your little hands
    Those who destroyed your childhood
    Are alive

  • avishkari9079 1w

    # Sting - shape of my heart #

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    Even as you played me
    I thought you were saving me
    Since that is all I knew ,
    Putting out the fire of a burning bridge
    Stitching a bleeding wound
    Even a reflection of a broken piece of mirror
    Even in countless cuts in all my hidden skin