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  • avornyo 1w

    There’s nothing wrong with not having shit to say.

  • avornyo 4w

    Dear Sanity,
    I hope you’ve found insanity.
    I hope you’ve stripped it of “IN” which gives it complexity.
    I hope you’ve found the quality that makes you family.
    I hope you’ve come together to beautify your personality.


  • avornyo 4w

    Dear Sanity,

  • avornyo 6w


    Dem shout pilolo basay the sticks dey dema pocket inside how dem dey want make we find.
    The kontonkro the kiddies dey play sef we no dey get dema fake tso take satisfy.
    Poppi hear doctor eno hear anything again,
    Ridee so so stress edey give wana strive.
    We say being single is bae ba we nor say wana bleeding never shon dey pain.

  • avornyo 6w


    The harmattan wey dey tear mof sef never come.
    Small time afi nk)n be tu yen go bi wana popular say.
    Basay poppi no buy the akuk) wey dey show say we dey celebrate.
    Ghana we dey,
    Chimney no dey your house top
    Weney Santa u dey wait.
    Knock out sef the kiddies shon dey play.
    Abonsam te sef asee some keep
    Where them all dey?
    The bet we dey play take bab Bronya monies sef nothing we dey gain so so loss we dey make.
    Ridee we dey wait GTV make dem come show “Home alone “ again.

  • avornyo 6w

    Togbi Tsali f).
    Agorkoli Tso.
    Okataa okpo miakpe nkume
    Fike mitso?
    The stare of unfamiliarity makes me go rogue.

  • avornyo 8w

    FreeThe Youth

    We are noisy.
    We are today’s yeast.
    And by all standards we possess the feast.
    We desire not control.
    We want not limitation.
    Our eyes brand the sky no set back.
    But we stamp our feet to feel it’s touch.
    We are modernization.
    By goodness we wield the worlds sensation.
    Don’t hold us back.
    Set us free.
    Let us up into the sky.
    I am free.

  • avornyo 10w

    Anor say some things just dey break your heart basay we move be the anthem now ,God make bi wanna pledge wey hope dey bi wanna shada ein crest.🌚🚩

  • avornyo 11w

    You’ll always be our hero🚩

  • avornyo 12w

    The amount of time you spend regretting doesn’t prove how guilty you feel. True confession lives in repentance.