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  • awanjo 36m


    Don't just listen to my story,
    Pay attention, read between the lines.

    Don't just eat the food,
    Pay attention, it is not always the salt.

    Don't just smile with me,
    Pay attention, watch the curves.

    Pay attention,
    Most things are not as they seem.

    15th September 2019.

  • awanjo 1h


    Tit for tat
    is a fair game,
    but only in the
    fictitious world.

    15th September 2019.

  • awanjo 1h


    Like a snap of the fingers,
    the prey crept in me and
    quickly camouflaged.
    Glued itself in my
    Mind, heart and soul.
    Took a toll on me and
    unleashed the villain within.
    Gained too much power
    that I am unable to control.
    Thew me in a deep abyss.
    I feast on guilt fed to me
    by the enemy within.
    Intercede for myself
    to see the light.
    If only my eyes could open,
    I could climb to the mouth
    and set myself free.

    15th September 2019.

  • awanjo 13h


    When you throw a dart,
    it either hits the target
    or misses it and when
    you place a bet, you either
    win or lose, either way
    the future remains
    uncertain and the
    consequences unaltered.

    14th September 2019.

  • awanjo 14h


    Pebbles are inevitable on a road.
    You can walk on them with ease
    or trip and fall.

    If you fall, you can either rise
    and proceed with your journey or
    decide to wait for a helping hand.

    If you proceed with the journey,
    You can either arrived to your destination
    on time or, decide to take a detour.

    If you wait for a helping hand,
    You can find it on time or,
    die waiting.

    If you take a detour,
    You can either accomplish your
    mission or, accomplish zero goal.

    If help arrives on time,
    You can either carry on with
    the trip or, decide to regress.

    If you continue with the journey,
    You can either get to the terminus
    on time, or make it when it's too late.

    If you die waiting,
    We can either remember you, or
    erase you from our conscious minds.

    What legacy will you leave?

    14th September 2019

  • awanjo 2d


    Don't just hold the coin,
    Toss it, for it might reveal
    A hidden secret.

    12th September 2019.

  • awanjo 2d


    Get rid of the mask,
    Failure is success in

    12th September 2019.

  • awanjo 3d


    Arm yourself with a shield, your faith,
    Let no one label you as an outcast,
    Initiate all your plans without dread,
    Confidently face your fears 'cause,
    Excellence doesn't discriminate.

    11th september 2019.

  • awanjo 3d


    Darkened the cloudage,
    From above fall the drizzles, a
    blessing for mankind.

    11th september 2019.

  • awanjo 3d

    She laid to rest all the baggage,
    submitted herself to the world and,
    allowed life to elevate her spirit
    slowly into the serene firmament.

    11th september 2019.