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  • awesome___beauty 15w

    Coming back home from his funeral, She opened his last what'sapp chat. The heart he send was still beating ❤

  • awesome___beauty 15w

    Tujhe gurur kis baat ka hai?
    Tere marne ke baad tere aapne bhi tujhe chukar haat dhotehe

  • awesome___beauty 33w

    Just don't talk to me,
    Let me stay in your eyes.
    I've come to become your dreams,
    Let me stay in your eyes
    Making my nights sleepless,
    making me thirsty.
    Let me flow inside you be coming one
    evening of your life
    Who is sleeping under your pillows?
    Maybe your eyes are closed,
    Let me stay in your eyes.

  • awesome___beauty 33w

    Smile smile smile. Forget the nuisance for a while, Darling u have to travel miles in this journey called life!!

  • awesome___beauty 39w

    You carved for her body
    not her soul.
    She was diamond,
    your touch turned it coal.
    But coal does sparkle,
    that day I knew
    When she stood strong
    against the strom

  • awesome___beauty 40w

    The way he looks at me doesn't cause butterflies
    I don't feel my heart flutter
    I feel my heart slow
    my mind stops its racing
    And for once,
    I can get lost somewhere without worrying
    about finding my way back

  • awesome___beauty 40w

    Some nights I smile back at
    my problems and resistances
    in life....Only when
    I start thinking of myself
    Standing out there telling my
    Success story to the world...
    I mean these problems will
    add such an ironic spark to
    my story... They'll make,my
    Success story sound so

  • awesome___beauty 40w


    02:00AM talking on the rooftop with stars &moons as spectators
    06:00PM sunset visiting chaotic silence