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  • ayeshajaweid02 4w

    If I had a wings

    If I had a wings,
    i would like to fly up in the sky with birds and butterflies, touching clouds and a beautiful rainbow, touching stars and the moon spending the silent Night and beautiful day.

    If I had a wings
    I might to capture and kept in a cage like birds,I might be captured and taken away my freedom,
    I might not be able to fly up in the sky freely with birds and butterflies, not able to touch clouds even rainbow not stars or moon, don't able to experience the silent of night not even beautiful day!

    So before capturing birds, think if you had a wings and you were captured!!

  • ayeshajaweid02 4w

    break up

    We were on break up
    break up from my crush as well as best friend
    But i must say we are better being best friends.

  • ayeshajaweid02 4w

    Endless Cycle

    Sunrise and sunset are endless cycles, but in my life my sunrise and sunset are my best friends who at the sunrise tell me good morning and at the sunset tell me good night it's an endless cycle of my life.
    They are my sunrise,where birds are chirping, sun is laughing, flowers are blossoming and on my face a smile appears after seeing my best friend sunrise messages.
    When sun is tired and goes for sleep, where owl stays awake, where stars twinkles where everyone sleep I end up my sunset with talking to my best friend and endless memories and smiles.

  • ayeshajaweid02 4w

    I am happy to be back in mirakee

  • ayeshajaweid02 14w

    you killed, 'THAT VERSION'

  • ayeshajaweid02 15w


  • ayeshajaweid02 15w

    My life is like a tree
    autumn leaves occurs when I am happy,
    spring leaves occurs when you are sad,
    After the rainfall occurs the mangoes ripped when you recover

  • ayeshajaweid02 15w


    don't use Tu, tera , it don't suit u: okay
    I like the way of talking
    I like the way you think
    I like ur long hair don't cut it: okay
    how can u meet that person, he is a stranger
    I think u like traveling with any random person
    let end this
    always okay is too easy to say nd forgiving that person again and again to repeat his mistake alway. All the things which that person used to like about me i will change it forever and when I will meet. whenever I meet him, I meet him like a stranger but you are lucky enough that we don't meet in my 3 years.

  • ayeshajaweid02 17w

    I don't give second chance

  • ayeshajaweid02 17w

    By unknown writer

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    Don't cry too much
    Turn a heartbreak into kindness
    Search for healing words
    And plant them into the wounds
    One day
    You will have a garden of love
    The healing flower of love