photographer/cinematographer Mumbaikar

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  • ayevani 1w

    When you Love someone

    When you love someone, you will do anything for them
    If the sound of your voice keeps them sane
    Then you would talk forever.
    If the touch of your skin on theirs kept them happy,
    You would hold them as tight as possible forever.
    If it makes them happy for you to go away,
    Then you would move to another place
    Because you see
    When you love someone, you would do anything for them to be happy
    Even if it means you sacrifice your own happiness.

  • ayevani 2w

    Lonely together

    Blue skies Have nothing on you
    You're feeling lonely
    I am too
    We could be feeling lonely together
    In this gloomy weather
    Fall asleep in bed
    Listening to music together wishing we were dead
    And face each other and smile
    At least we have each other for a while
    The only happiness I can feel
    But it's okay, that's a friendship sealed
    Everything else just makes me feel ill
    Your presence  makes me feel healed

  • ayevani 2w


    There is nothing as free and passionate as your first time
    Nothing as innocent
    The nervous giggles
    The panicked breathing
    Touching someone's body
    Just to learn every bump and crater
    on the surface of their warm skin
    The rush of pain
    The desperate moans
    Nothing as intimate as your first time.

  • ayevani 2w

    The dark place

    There is a dark place in my mind that I often find myself.
    My thoughts roam endlessly in the void spaces
    I cannot control myself
    I try to get away from the dark thoughts
    I lay down my head after taking some mug of coffee
    I hope to forget, but find my mind clouded by nightmares
    I try to hide my feelings so well.
    At times I feel suffocated by my thoughts
    Whenever my heart feels the hunger that time I eat lies
    May be I go away long enough
    There is a dark place in my mind that I often find myself.

  • ayevani 2w


    I love the darkness
    I hate the darkness
    Scared in the darkness
    But comfortable in the darkness
    Cant see how far I have gone in the darkness
    Can’t see how far I have fallen in the darkness
    All I know is darkness
    I’ll also know when my light comes in darkness.

  • ayevani 2w

    I'm infinite, I'm incomplete

    I feel incomplete
    Like someone is stealing my shadow.
    I'm there, but I'm not.
    I'm afraid that I'm never gonna truly die.
    And I'm never gonna truly live.
    We are just dust in the road.
    I'm infinite, I’m incomplete.

  • ayevani 2w

    Written in ourselves

    We are heavily folded sheets of stationary:
    A collection of utterances
    Bound into melancholy novels
    By our mangled hearts,
    And though spoken words
    Still fall onto my turning pages
    As tears do fall from my reddened cheeks,
    I have yet to forget
    The chapter you have left unwritten,
    Because an unwritten chapter is one to be adorned:
    It cannot end
    For it does not exist.
    And so we fumble through an amorous affliction,
    Fabricated into a bittersweet infinity.
    And at midnight
    When my restless hand fuck the empty air for you,and the reality of our desolate fault seeps into my hands,
    I wish you were here
    The fault,my love,is not written in our star
    It is written in ourselves.

  • ayevani 3w

    Just too drunk!!!

    Do my words even manage to make sense of what my heart is saying? I'm just too drunk and emotional to fully understand the meaning of my aching, all I know is that I want more.

  • ayevani 6w

    Victim of broken trust

    It started like a dream and ended like a tree,
    Just a single reaction growing into different branches
    nothing hurts more than trust
    Breaking it and feeling lost
    My heart was once full of love,
    for those who weren't my blood,
    They have broken my trust
    Leaving me to rot they thought
    I will never fall victim of broken trust.

  • ayevani 6w

    I've built up this massive wall
    And painted a great big smile on it
    Just so no one will know
    That i hurt even a little bit