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  • aykong 11h

    Emotions loose identities
    In their translations to words,
    Therefore I'll leave this paper blank.

    I am still translating them. Ha!

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    इन अल्फाजों को
    शब्दों में बुनने के खातिर
    मैंने उनके पहचान को खोया है
    इसलिए मैंने ये पन्ना खाली ही छोड़ा है।

  • aykong 12h

    I have stopped making sense long back. I don't even know if I ever made.

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    आज हमारे ही कहानी के किरदार हमसे बेवफा है
    अपनी तकदीर का रुख वो खुद चुनना चाहते हैं
    कैसे कहूं उन्हें की मौत का एक ही सलीका है
    हमारे हाथों में स्याही है मगर कलम का पता नहीं।

  • aykong 1d

    My view outside
    This window pane
    Is in rampage
    Wrecking the sight.

    The whistle of the train
    Calls for a less lonely night
    When the brakes screech
    At the next station.

    You say, life is holding us still
    Living and waiting at stations
    For the trains that passed
    Is better than boarding them?

  • aykong 2d

    i am one less word
    beheaded from silence
    sinking into this barter.

    it's late and cold
    the humidity outside
    has kept me alive.

    the sun has burnt the day
    and the night smoked the moon
    i am ashes under the stars.

    the flowers and petals wither
    that romanticise the dew drop
    it holds in every quiver.

    there ain't no metaphor
    for the numb i feel
    in lost count of syllables.

    every dip in the waters
    don't toss my regrets
    scratched in wrath or folly.

    it's fading and grimming
    that rim of my happiness
    i never found.

    all voids got no emotions
    that hollowness you seek
    that's life and i am living.

    I am one less word
    beheaded from silence
    rooting the barter.

    I am so done with words
    That I don't get words
    I just feel them
    Or get stuck on them
    Yet write one with the dawn.

    How done I am!
    Or am I?

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    That's life
    I am living.

  • aykong 3d

    I am here
    To say.
    And as I begin
    You'll hear my voice stuttering
    You'll see my hands, shivering
    My legs trembling
    Making it harder
    To make me stand.
    And you'll know
    I fear.
    I fear you.
    But see,
    Here I am
    To make you wait
    A little longer.

    I had reharsed enough
    Keeping myself front the mirror
    But it was mine own reflection, there
    But here, it's you
    Not even willing to listen
    As I hear you giggle when I pause.

    But know, I have been enough.
    Enough of being afraid
    Of being stuck on maybes
    That is liberated
    And manipulated by your blood

    I have been enough
    Enough of following
    The arrow of your words
    That you shot on my chest.

    I have been enough
    Enough of you telling me
    I'm impure the way my body bleeds
    Enough of garbing my body
    With the clothes, you provide.

    I have been enough
    Enough of silencing
    My voice whenever my existence
    Gets carved in strokes of your opinions

    I have been enough
    Enough of blemishing my scars
    Whenever the rebel in me
    Revolts against the brokenness within me

    I have been enough
    Enough of me telling myself
    "You hate the me I want to be".

    Did you think
    I came here to recite a good poem?
    How could have, I done that!
    When you had labelled me,
    As a case of bad poetry.

    But didn't you see
    Here I was,
    Making you wait a little longer.


    This is me standing before the society and saying these words.

    P.S: I combined two of my earlier written poems and it resulted this.

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    I have been ENOUGH.

  • aykong 5d

    @ni89gale You're kind. ��

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    I'll write one more poem
    With strokes of truths
    Without rhymes and figures
    Where the symphony of syllables
    Won't indicate an elegy
    But the tryst of life and death
    Being lost in love and hate.

  • aykong 1w

    i am the me
    you want me to see.
    i have been following
    the arrow of your words
    shot on my chest.

    there's a silence in me
    i never voice.
    my body gets waxed
    in strokes of your opinions.

    i am impure
    the way my body bleeds.
    so, I garb it with
    the clothes you provide.

    there's a rebel in me
    revolting the brokenness
    but i have enough shards
    to cut them deeper
    and blemish those scars.

    there's a fear in me
    stuck in maybes
    liberated and manipulated
    by your blood.

    i am dying
    for i forget how to breathe
    in the pain that's drowning me
    and every drop telling me
    "you hate the me I want to be".

    I am a total misfit according to societal norms.

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    "There's a silence in me
    I never voice
    So, my body gets waxed
    In strokes of your opinions."

  • aykong 2w

    I stand with this trembling body
    On the shores of the ocean
    Tossing my sins in its ink
    To keep me sinking.

    //I ain't drowning.

    I told ya' I ain't worth reading.

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    I toss ink in this ocean of words
    To keep me sinking
    And keep me alive.

  • aykong 2w

    You mistook me as flowers
    For I wither in petals
    Don't love me
    For the moment I am alive.

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    I don't wear masks
    Neither do I paint layers
    I just play characters
    Of the stories in my mind.

  • aykong 2w

    I slit my tounge
    And you see paper cuts bleeding.
    You cut ravines
    And i flair tragedies in every turns.

    You smile at your fading existence
    And I smell havoc down my spine.
    I freeze in the chill of nights
    And you blow out the flames.

    Your words rust on the hands
    And I weave poison in my palm.
    I throw you in the crumbles of letter
    And you bury me in a dead past.

    You say me the word 'love'
    And I tell you how much it hurts.
    So, I paint autumn in stokes of summer
    But you wait for springs to bloom in winters


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    Say the word "love";
    And tell me if it doesn't hurt.