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  • ayushattri 30w

    Mumma u r best
    Agr tum bhr ho
    To bhai puchega kb tk aayegi
    Papa bolenge gai hi q
    Society bolegi bas ghuumti rehti..
    Husband /bf bolega kiske sath h...
    Srf maa hi puchegi ki beta thik to h na
    She is the one who genuinely care for u
    Miss u mumma

  • ayushattri 31w


    Stucked in my PRESENT
    Blaming my PAST
    no idea about my FUTURE ..
    Is this fair enough with my TENSES??

  • ayushattri 43w


    Eyes never lie...
    Only a true reader is required
    To read the story
    Hidden in them...
    Only a true healer is required
    To sweep up
    The sorrow in them....
    Only a true artist is required
    To fill up
    Colours in them....
    Only a true viewer is required
    To see them in a way
    The way he sees mine....

  • ayushattri 45w

    Shayad main galat thi...

    Nikal gai thi main us safar main itna aage
    Peeche mudkar dekha to tu geron main gum tha
    Socha tha tu nahi hai sab jesa
    Lekin tune btaya main galat thi
    Dekhe the mene sapne lakho hmare sath ke
    Pr tune btaya vo to bas chalava tha
    Hota nahi h ishq sacha,
    Aj mene khud ko btaya
    Aj se maine sapne dekhna chod dia
    Aj se maine umeed lgana chod di
    Aj se maine sochna chod dia
    Ban gai mn vhi jo main kux sal pehle thi
    Nahi pdta farak aj se tere hone ka
    Shayad hmara sath kabhi tha hi nahi
    Main akeli thi us dagar main
    Main khush hun akeli ab
    Kam se kam tujhe khone se to nahi darti
    Ishq sirf khud se karo
    Yakeen mano khudko dhokha nahi de paoge
    Khud se nafrat nahi kar paoge
    Khud ko khone se nahi daroge......

  • ayushattri 45w


    Jahan uske hone ki khushi se zyada
    Ussey khone ka dar h
    To jan lo vo sacha ishq nhi hai
    Ya tham lo ya chod do
    Zindagi moka ek hi degi
    Ya to ghut ghut kr aansu bhao
    Ya to azad panchi ki trh fadfadao
    Moka ek hi hai
    Ye ishq utna bhi asan nhi
    Jitna byan krne main asan hai......

  • ayushattri 46w

    Nothing is permanent

    Change is necessary
    Neither night nor day
    No season no weather
    Not happiness
    Not sorrow
    Not love
    Not hate
    Nothing is permanent
    It's better to go with the flow
    Have what to have now, but remember that it is not permanent...
    Today or tomorrow you have will become you had

  • ayushattri 46w

    She is alive

    They were about to meet..
    Entropy was about to end.. .. ..
    Happiness, Affection, Excitement was all around
    She was the luckiest girl
    She thanked god for everything
    He was the honest boy
    He Atheist, but somewhere he also showed his gratitude towards god
    They thought this is the END to their problems
    They were about to start a NEW LIFE
    BUT they were wrong
    On that day a happy couple become devoid of love
    She left him...
    He was all alone
    She wants to live ..but she can't
    He became a alive CORPSE
    Everything finished.....
    No ray of hope.......
    No light in dark.....
    They all thought she is finished
    She is no more
    But he knows she is alive
    Alive in his HEART..
    Alive in his MEMORIES...
    Alive in his FEEL...
    Yes!! Her pure soul was always with him
    Year and year after...
    When he was old
    He was dreaming ☁
    His lady came $ took his pure soul with her
    TRUE LOVE never dies..
    Both met in the HEAVEN with a soothing smile on their face

  • ayushattri 62w

    Innovation starts beyond thoughts....

  • ayushattri 64w

    Everybody was pretty
    sure that she will say
    yes.... But...
    Things changed when
    she said No!!!!!

  • ayushattri 64w

    Scars never fade......