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  • ayushkalam 9w

    Can you ?

    Can you change the past and change your future
    Then why are you still stuck there .

  • ayushkalam 9w


    What is the dumbest thing I did ?
    I constantly fooled myself saying SHE LOVES ME

  • ayushkalam 10w


    Don't cross ocean for someone who cannot cross a single puddle for you.

  • ayushkalam 12w

    Oh love!

    I was holding her in my arms
    Closer than anything else
    Feeling each other's warm breath
    Shivering from cold
    I could see the pain in her eyes
    But deep down she knew that
    She was with a man who will never think of leaving her
    Tears of pain and belief coming out of her eye
    Death at that moment didn't scare us
    Because we knew that if we were together
    There's nothing to fear
    All the memories of togetherness
    Running in front of our eyes
    I was lucky because
    Out of all the doors
    She walked into mine !!

  • ayushkalam 12w

    Mazdoor bhai

    Jo apki mahengi gaadi chalata hai ,woh khud aksar ghar paidal jaata hai
    Jo apki pizza 30 minutes mein deliver karta hai ,woh khud aksar raat ko bhuka sotaa hai
    Jo apki karoro paiso ki rakhwali karta hai ,usko khud pagad bohot dino baad milta hai
    Baarish mein jiski chhad tapak ti ho ,woh banda khud ap logon ke liye badi badi imaarate banata hai .

  • ayushkalam 13w

    Sushant Singh Rajput

    Aisa kya tha tujhme ki tera chale jana Hume itna rula diya ,
    Ehsaan mand rahenge hum humesha
    Kyunki tu ne jaate jaate hume jeena Sikha diya

  • ayushkalam 13w


    Bachpan apne hi banaya hua tiranga seene se lagakar so jaata tha
    Kya patha tha tab mereko ki aaj wohi tiranga
    Mere upar bichhaya jaega

  • ayushkalam 14w


    When you think that there is no more happiness in your life ,that's when you are really happy because you know that nothing more bad can break your heart. You have reached the ultimate level of happiness

  • ayushkalam 14w

    Maut (Death)

    Tu hum sabki maa hoti hai
    Hum sab teri god mein aakar gehri neend mein kho jaate hai
    Dekh mein tere pichhe kab se haat pasaare bhaag raha hun
    Mujhko apni god mein le le
    Mein barson se jaag raha hun

  • ayushkalam 15w


    We have a very wrong thinking about death. We all say that after death, that person goes to heaven . But no ,that person is just taken into a room and burnt . That's it .