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  • azalean 9w

    You did me wrong but the wrong did me right,
    And the right made me do right,
    The wrong? It stayed within the one who did me wrong.

  • azalean 15w

    Was it you behind the curtains hiding from the world?
    Is that you who's now with a 'suitable' one
    Or is it just the world you're pleasing?

  • azalean 17w

    And if you do the wrong good they'll learn and if not, the good will do you good.

  • azalean 17w

    Such fools we are, not loving the truth,
    How rebellious of us causing trouble in each other's lives.
    Sweet Sour drops of tears ,
    Dreams and aspirations flying all over our small beautiful world.
    Your thoughts in my already swollen heart, making my hurt beautiful.
    Loud songs and slow dances all evening,
    Tall windows and city lights.
    Causing trouble and wanting each other fully,
    Long nights with love all over the glass ceilings.
    We're the same, denying the existence,
    Such fools we are, not loving the truth.

  • azalean 18w

    Questioning the past within us,
    Loud noises breaking the walls we built inside,
    Walking with the world denying the presence we had,
    Hurting with just being understanding.
    Our love faded with the world not knowing and you not knowing what we had.

  • azalean 22w

    Winning without you with life,
    The Efforts I made within the strong walls,
    The world outside seems different now,
    But maybe you prefer the silence between the small world and not the colour that lies outside the four walls.


  • azalean 29w

    We're strangers in the world they gave us
    Not knowing how loved you were.
    But then again, how does it feel to not be you in their world?

  • azalean 30w

    Walk over the talk the world throws at you.

  • azalean 30w

    Find and create your own space in this crowded world.

  • azalean 34w

    You're the kind of fire I'd die in everyday.