The best way I can voice out my feelings using pen.

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  • azhimomi 1w

    "...same for loneliness: you let go, let the tears flow, feel it completely-but eventually be able to say, "All right, that was my moment with loneliness. I'm not afraid of feeling lonely, but now I'm going to put that loneliness aside and know that there are other emotions in the world, and I'm going to experience them as well."



  • azhimomi 3w

    "Loving someone is like moving into a house. At first you fall in love with all the new things, amazed every morning that all this belongs to you, as if fearing that someone would suddenly come rushing in through the door to explain that a terrible mistake had been made, you weren't actually supposed to live in a wonderful place like this. Then over the years the walls become weathered, the wood splinters here and there, and you start to love that house not so much because of all it's perfection, but rather it's imperfections. You get to know all the nooks and crannies. How to avoid getting the key caught in the lock when it's cold outside. Which of the floorboards flex slightly when one steps on them or exactly how to open the wardrobe doors without their cracking. These are the little secrets that make it your home."
    A description of love according to Sonja in 'A Man Called Ove'

  • azhimomi 3w

    You're never extreme or insufficient
    You're never too much or never too less
    You matter so does your happiness and realizing that, is the first step of your own happiness
    So enough of pleasing others
    Enough of prioritizing others
    You are you
    You are enough


  • azhimomi 3w

    Plea of The Unborn

    I instigate my flight when-she matures and awaits him
    He runs toward the tube, swims hastily to unite
    Once united-none can separate: An ovum and sperm
    It is here my journey begins!
    Now, genetic materials are released
    And a thing called zygote is fashioned
    Zygote, a union of sperm and ovum
    It is here multiplication begins and foetus I become
    I'm developing everyday, rapidly
    I'm safe and secure inside my mother's womb
    Foetus is I and infant I'll be swiftly
    It is here I'm waiting for my tiny body to bloom
    I can feel your exhaustion, pain and pressure
    But please, do not think of terminating me
    Mother, will you keep me secure?
    I want to see, hear and touch you
    Mother, if you're having second thoughts about me, consider-
    That I'm not an accident
    That I'm innocent
    You may not plan me but God definitely did, so consider
    How I long to see the world outside of my tiny warm world
    How I long to see and love you unconditionally
    Mother, please give me the chance to call you mom
    Mother, please give me my right to enjoy the bliss of Life
    My flight is nearing departure
    Yet mother, you're uncertain about me
    But I'm certain that I'm planned by God and those still voices you hear is from God
    And now the choice is yours, mother- To listen or deny those voices, to keep or abort me!

  • azhimomi 10w

    Your chapter in my life is over but why am I unable to flip the page?

  • azhimomi 11w

    You apologized but my heart stopped beating the way it used to

  • azhimomi 11w

    His ego was too important than our relationship. So while he was feeding his ego, our relationship died of starvation.

  • azhimomi 12w

    Period is a beautiful biological change which I'm not ashamed to talk about so don't shun me of period-talking, period.

  • azhimomi 13w

    Sometimes, change is painful but it can be beautiful!

  • azhimomi 14w

    The sound of silence that haunts your mind is better than violence