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  • b_sodhi 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Expectation

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    Led to heartbreak...

  • b_sodhi 1w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Family

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    It doesn't end in blood...

  • b_sodhi 2w


    The sun has completed its descent!
    Dark clouds are now starting to crowd,
    Chirps of the homeward bound birds echoes through the majestic sky,
    The rustling of the wind stirred leaves is cooking up a delicious melody,
    A sense of calm and euphoria is slowly engulfing the heart and the soul,
    Add to this glimpse of heaven, the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee
    Life is good!!!

  • b_sodhi 2w

    Badkismati thi hamari,
    Jo ilm nahi tha ke mulaqat hai aakhri!
    Guzra ek arsa,phir bhi,tees si uth ti hai iss Dil me,
    Aaj bhi chubhti hai tanhayi uss raat ki,
    Zindagi ka rukh badla tha tab,
    Kal fir badlega!
    Tab judai thi,ab milan hoga...

  • b_sodhi 2w

    Scent of his cologne
    Assaults the senses even today!
    And people say with time memories fade...

  • b_sodhi 3w

    Teri ulfat me khud se huye ruswa,
    Tere fitoor me haqeeqat se huye juda,
    Intezaar me tere tadpe har lamha,
    Minnatein kar karke sookh gayi aankhon se barasti barkha
    Shayad yahi thi beintehaa mohabbat Karne ki sazaa...

  • b_sodhi 8w

    Out of nowhere it appears,
    Like a bee to honey,it adheres,
    Courses through her in waves,
    Waiting for her to cave,

    Impatient,it fervently tries dragging her back to square one,
    Donning a sinister grin and hoping all efforts would come undone,

    It fails to recognize that she is now valiance personified,
    A wave of loneliness can no longer take away her dignity and pride,

    For long gone is the child,cowering in a dark corner,all alone,
    What remains now is a Queen who rules the throne!

  • b_sodhi 10w

    Sometimes,letting go of someone you love, might be the right thing to do,but,
    It will still hurt...

  • b_sodhi 11w

    The clock struck One,
    No signs of return yet!!
    Tension rising, frantic calls
    "Got a Rick"
    A sigh of relief!!!

    The clock struck Two
    No signs still!!!
    "Rick broke down, took a private vehicle"
    The fog of sleep disappeared
    Mind going into overdrive,
    Heart racing,
    Relentless pacing!

    Sound of the doorbell pierced through the tensed air

    Finally Dad was home!!!!!

    PS- Parents can give kids grey hairs and ulcers too!

  • b_sodhi 11w

    Millions of stars lit up the sky,
    As the waves sang a soothing lullaby,
    Eyes shone with a myriad of emotions,
    Lips curled into the most beautiful smile,
    Cheeks reddened as hands entwined,
    Breaths deepened and beats synchronized,
    Time stood still as the world faded away,
    It looked like a beautiful start!
    Alas! Everything was about to fall apart...