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  • badvibes123 17w


    When you smile while kissing someone you love
    you've found the one
    i smile every-time you kiss me
    you haven't smiled once

  • badvibes123 17w

    My Desire

    Valentine you're my desire
    Your sexy gaze sets me afire
    Tell me
    Show me that your mine
    I long for you
    My valentine

  • badvibes123 17w

    To Be Loved

    I love you
    as certain dark things
    are to be loved,
    in secret,
    between the shadow
    and the soul.

  • badvibes123 17w

    It has been a rough few days

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    Flowers 🥀

    Its sad how
    things are most beautiful
    when they are ending.

    Flowers when they're wilting,
    the leaves in Autumn,
    the sun when setting.

    Your smile when its fading...

  • badvibes123 17w

    yea so pansexual

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    Girls are cute
    Boys are cute
    Gender less are cute
    Gender fluids are cute
    People are cute
    You're all cute
    Cuddle me

  • badvibes123 18w

    And that's on my beautiful girlfriend :)

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    The Sea

    The sea
    The sky
    The way my heart feels
    When you are near
    There are some things
    too beautiful
    to be
    with understanding

  • badvibes123 18w

    sorry i have been gone

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    Emotional Girl

    I am an emotion
    I surface each night
    and feel the pain of yesterday
    I writhe. It is a power that
    i give life. It does not soothe
    me. Cast and iron shelf on
    my shoulder to carry dirt
    soot from a day anguish
    that i wish to combine
    with self disgust.
    I am proud of my pain.
    I wear it liked a bandaged that
    is forged with spilled blood.
    Broken bones and scares.

  • badvibes123 34w

    Who is your best friend? Mine is Rhiannon.

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    Best friends...

    Fight for you
    Respect you
    Include you
    Encourage you
    Need you
    Deserve you
    Stand by you

  • badvibes123 34w


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    That kid you just called gay?
    He likes cock in his ass.

    The girl you just called a fat ass?
    she weighs 400 pounds.

    That man you just called retarded?
    He repeated 2nd grade 5 times.

    That girl you just called a slut?
    She just fucked the entire football team.

    sometimes your right..........

  • badvibes123 34w

    Not enough?

    Are my words not sweet and
    my sentiments not worthy?
    Is my smile to dull or my
    thoughts to many?
    Is my hair to knotted
    or my eyes not vacant?
    Is my smile to worn
    or my heart to withered?
    Are my lips to thin
    or my affection to languish?
    Is my mind to troubled
    or my personality to difficult?
    Am i not lovely enough?