I write to quench my thirst I write to eliminate the fire within I write my soul I give away my heart to a piece of paper ��

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  • ban_ita 1w

    Today, my heart filled with chaos looking out for you, returned empty handed,
    Found you lost somewhere close but too far
    Came back to me,
    With questions un-answered and
    Pierced wounds.

    The wave of silence knocking the door asked “why?”
    But no voice from inside could answer.

    And, with this question,
    I rest,
    I rest for today,
    I rest for everyday.

  • ban_ita 7w

    This weather today reminded me of you

    This weather again reminded me of you.
    Those long walks on the roadside,
    Hot coffee with those promises for years
    Those walks with moon beside
    And million of memories of smiles and tears.

    This weather today,
    brought you back to me again.
    Life like a day of blossoms
    Hugs full of care
    Kisses filled with love
    Those carefree moments
    And suddenly, the lost spring

    Just like the autumn fall
    You fell
    Fell from me
    Fell from my days
    Brought a cold essence to my heart
    Just like those after-autumn scary winter nights

    I know I lost you, but our memories?
    And still today, this weather reminds me of you,
    Peddling down the street with all joy and smile.

  • ban_ita 10w

    Coz darlin it's okay not being okay

    It's okay not being okay
    It's okay feeling worthless sometimes
    It's okay feeling ignored
    Coz darling there's no flower in this world that blooms all four seasons.

    It's okay feeling uncounted sometimes
    It's okay feeling dead sometimes
    It's okay feeling betrayed
    And it's totally okay feeling lone

    This world is never in favour of you
    But remember the world is all yours

    It won't let you be you
    And it won't let you be others' too
    It won't let you be okay
    And it won't too let you not be okay

    But darling you always got to remember
    It's okay not being okay sometimes...

  • ban_ita 13w

    Tell me if it is love?

    You are the only peace I crave for, in my heart filled with chaos and confusion

    I look out for you, just like the Earth looks out for its first star every morning and evening

    I choose you over and over, because your essence is what gives me smile

    Whenever I see your smiling face, ‘Forever’ is what I wish for.

    For now,
    Only memories are here with me, I keep these locked within, and cover it with a soft blanket of love and hope and keep it warm forever

    So, if this is love, I wish keep this for eterne...

  • ban_ita 13w

    An Unanswered Question

    My mind never dares to go off you nor does it dare to give a second thought
    My heart never forgets to chant your name nor does it fail to bloom when you pictures pops in my room
    My smile never hides when my ears touch your name nor does my cheeks hides its glow.

    Still my love is a question for you, because this forbidden love will never lead to tying up of knots or because you think the immortal love of Radha Krishna are just fictions,
    But I believe in the pure love of her for they never allowed lust to overrule their love, their immortal love

    But my love is a question for you.
    An Unanswered Question

  • ban_ita 17w

    My Poetry

    You are a bright ray of light to my New Moon Night
    As gentle as breeze of a summer night
    Helping this soul, light up so bright

    And now,
    I choose to keep you, right next to my heart
    I choose you, to touch my soul
    I choose your eyes, to read mine
    I choose you, to hug me on the count of three,
    For, now you're so close to me, I choose to keep you in My Poetry.


  • ban_ita 18w

    The love I lost

    A little time was what we needed
    A little time from you
    A little time from me

    And now, here we are, standing apart, looking at the same old blue sky, with different eyes

    Here I know, this was the love I lost after I won you.

    You and I ain't "US" anymore, but the warmth of the tears and the glow of this smile, gifted by you will be by my side forever,
    For now, I've got you here with me, for me and in me
    And now, I believe, this is the love I lost for my love to be mine till eternity

  • ban_ita 19w

    The eterne Love

    Late on that night she opened up her diary, so many unsent and undelivered love.

    All written on faded pages and with scrambled words none could understand but herself,
    she than looked up to the moon, the only camera which had captured their love and kept it safe with the nights and the lost souls.

    She now slept to her breathe, all through those pages which led her to her soul, her eterne love.

  • ban_ita 25w

    This poem is a satire

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    Thousand Pretty Things

    Even though we speak different tongues, we understand each other, maybe through the language of love.
    Isn't it a pretty thing?

    Even though we wear different colour, we live together, maybe for the sake of humanity.
    Isn't it a pretty thing?

    Even though we wear different attires, we hold it beautifully, maybe because of our grace.
    Isn't it a pretty thing?

    Yes, we look around, we find thousand pretty things
    And the prettiest of all is

    Even though we live on different regions, we all respect and love our giver (mother nature), maybe because of our concern and care for her.
    Few of the pretty little things, we human beings own and fortunately forget to be a human.

  • ban_ita 29w

    Precious scars

    Woke up with the sun
    to a beautiful dawn
    The breeze, so gentle and soft toiling through my body touched my soul,
    The soft ache again reminded me of you,
    Got myself infront of myself through a piece of glass .

    Oh! There I could see those scars,
    So beautiful but harsh
    So soft but tough
    So harmless but dreadful,
    All precious gifts from you, in return of my gift of all myself.
    No ! No fault of yours,
    All my mistake, handing over me to you and your ruthless soul
    Today, to this sun
    to this dawn
    and to myself
    I make a promise, a promise of waking up to a better sunshine and A promise of making it to a better sunset.