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  • basedues 18w

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    I am fat; I am unhealthy. I love nature. Why not natural weight loss. I am tired of my body.

    Want to try and lose weight. Here's a link to a product I found.

  • basedues 18w

    Coffee for the soul; makes me happy. Coffee — or more accurately caffeine — stimulates me in a way that makes me feel connected and amazing. Wow.

  • basedues 41w

    This feeling

    What's your favorite color and style of music?
    What do you feel when you tune out the outside world and listen to your favorite song? How do you feel about an LED light with colors fading and appearing before your eyes.

  • basedues 41w


    Hello how are you?
    Are you okay?
    Everything will be alright.

  • basedues 41w


    The Father tore his sons favorite thing: his hands. He tore them from his torso although it was wrong. The boy could no longer smoke cigars that burned his heart.

  • basedues 41w

    Food is as addicting as drugs

    He was Round as a pie. He was a constant snacker. He was always grumpy. Problems were serious: the sickness of obesity.

  • basedues 41w

    Code 754

    The people are getting tired; there is not enough water or food. They start a riot against the computer: the one in charge. The computer is prepared though; code 754 is activated. Soon all its citizens have holes of hot lead.

  • basedues 41w

    Wanted love; loved so much.
    Though I'd never cross somebody's mind,
    But I think I'll be alright.
    I am just getting bored
    Of being lonely.
    It's time to say goodbye
    Because this will never end.
    I'll stop playing pretend.
    Although I now there will be someone,
    I won't wait no longer.

  • basedues 41w

    Not original content

    How we feel; I am feeling something right.

  • basedues 44w

    Nicotine Wicotine

    Wake up to the alarm of my digital clock; the uncomfortable warmth of my room. Grab a random pair of clothes for school. The bathroom is also warm, but the cold water will fix that nice and easy. Before I hop into the showers cold water, I reach into my pocket for my Cali pod (an electric cigarette) and take In nice puffs of strawberry flavoring. The crackling noise that my sweet soda makes soothes my ears. Getting into the shower of cold pellets, I feel alert and buzzed, I see the whiteness of the bathroom in dim light, and I hear the sound of cold water droplets hitting me and everything around me. While I dry up, I am thinking of my whole day and how I will just hit my Cali pod every hour. I will also think of how I want to get rid of this addiction; But how can I think of that when I love it.