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  • batgirl26 2d

    Prick me with as many thorns as you want, you'll still find me giving you rose petals

  • batgirl26 5d

    You were like a tornado

    You were like a tornado,
    Pulling me towards you.

    I felt a force,
    Not the one which is coarse,
    But I found myself following you without a remorse,
    Leading me to a small hole,
    Expanding into a large one,
    Showing me your world,
    Dark, creepy and Shaky,
    Still holding me firmly.

    I explored the depth of your spirals,
    Making it impossible for me to not quarrel,
    I waited for the force to slow down its power,
    Although it was scary to wait till it's over.

    I came out of the tornado,
    Out from your world,
    But now I'm at a different place,
    More distant from where it started,
    Still I'm Searching for you,
    the calmer you, the quieter you!

  • batgirl26 5d

    Do you have some gravitational pull? Cuz i feel myself falling for you

  • batgirl26 5d

    In the end, you eventually get tired of crying and carry on with your life

  • batgirl26 1w

    Too much, not too good

    Too much of respect,
    Caused me lots of disrespect.

    Too much of innocence,
    Made me look dumb.

    Too much of love,
    Compelled me to be taken for granted.

    Too much of "I'm sorry",
    Just boosted your mt.everest like ego.

    Too much of trust.
    Earned me your betrayal.

    Too much of giving myself to you,
    Had cost too much of the internal damage.

    Yes, I have changed,
    From being soft like a pillow,
    To harder than a rock.
    Maybe too cold to not acknowledge your grief,
    Too ignorant to make peace.

    But I really like the person that I have become,
    Took a long time to accept the bitter truth about you that I've learnt.

    My soul scattered meaninglessly at every place,
    My heart was shattered and it badly ached.

    I know, I look heartless,
    You see no concern and pity in my eyes,
    But I guess I don't need to explain my harshness,
    When my actions are enough to express my attentiveness.

    I won't be the girl I was in the past,
    Call me all what you want,
    "Harsh, psycho, jerk or cold",
    Maybe you'll never again find my heart gold.

    But I watch things,
    I watch you,
    And I know, you know,
    That deep down I still care

    I admire how you're dealing things,
    Time has been rough,
    But you are being tough,
    A little more mature , a little more responsible.

    But let me clear something,
    You may not see me,
    But I'll always be there.

    If not directly, then indirectly
    If not by myself then through someone else.

    Each time that you'll progress,
    I'll be the happiest.

    Each time that you'll go ahead,
    I'll be the proudest.

    Cause at the end of the day,
    We're related,
    If not through blood ,
    Then through some past bad bonds.

    As much as I hate to admit,
    But yes, I care,
    We're family,
    We're friends!!

    But I won't be the same old human,
    I can't go through all that trauma again,
    Depression, lost confidence,
    Healing and still flying

  • batgirl26 1w

    Want friends like F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  • batgirl26 1w

    Just smile a little more lively, you'll give them sleepless nights����✨

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    Just add a Little more sweetness to your smile,
    More brightness to your eyes,
    They'll have sleepless nights,
    Wondering why you're so alive.

  • batgirl26 2w

    Savage or not?

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    I feel your eyes on me

    I can feel your eyes on me,
    Watching me incredulously,
    Viewing my every action keenly.

    I know it's not the admiration
    Maybe it's the contrition,
    That I'm not in your faction.

    Or its the resentment,
    That I'm more confident and happier without you.

    I feel your eyes burning on me,
    wanting me to burn into ashes.

    But, even if I burn,
    I'll reborn myself like a phoenix,
    Healing wounds and healing myself,
    Ready to fight any battle.

    Whatsoever your reason is for observing me,
    I make sure that I smile and laugh hard enough,
    That it makes you uneasy to watch me so happy.

  • batgirl26 2w

    Uninstalling your social media cuz you're no longer in touch with your "love" is the most stupid thing to do!!

  • batgirl26 2w


    Hearing lies from them when you know what's the truth is far more interesting than watching Netflix