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  • batulvohra 8h

    Koi to ho
    Koi to ho jo aap jaisa ho aur nhi bhi

    Koi jiski tippniya ajeeb magar
    Lage sahi bhi

    Koi jiske saath haste haste
    Aansoon bhar aye
    Koi jisse dukh chip na paaye

    Koi jisse roz subhe mil kr bhi
    Shaam ko waps phone pe lambi baate ho
    Chand ghanto ki wo mulakat ho ya
    3 ghante ki wo video call
    Unke saath bitaye har pal kam pad jaate ho

    Chahe choti si khushi ya jeet kyu na ho
    Phela msg ya call usi ko jaaye..
    Aur tumhare bas ek sad emoji se na
    Immediate text usi ka aaye..
    Yaar Sab theek? Ruk I'll call

    Chahe wo tumhara gussa ho
    Ya pagalpanti
    Koi to ho jisne dekha ho tumhara har ek shade
    Koi to hai jiske hone se saare probelms ho jaaye fade

    Koi to go jiske hone se
    Zindagi ka har pal lage acha
    Koi to ho ek dost sacha..


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    Koi To Ho


  • batulvohra 1w

    Life's changing
    So are we
    Cuz change is the only constant.

    We'd be entering a completely new phase
    Getting our dream job
    Settling our career
    Meeting new people
    Making new friends
    Falling in love
    Finding our partner
    Getting married

    Oh god!!
    Seems like such a long list of things doesn't it..
    But it'll happen.
    One by one.
    You won't even realize that untill the time has passed.

    There will be struggles, obviously.
    Nothing is easy. Is it?
    Tears and bag of sorrows will be there.
    But so will be packets of laughter love and joy..

    One say we'll look back and laugh about how petty our problems were back then
    How much tension we took.

    We'd also cry wanting to back in time when life was a little ease..
    But as you know change is the only constant
    You can't go back

    But surely we can live to the fullest in present and make lovely memories to be cherished forever
    Can't we??


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    Change is the only constant.
    You are lost seeping in the moment,
    But then there comes an end
    Life changes in an instant.

    At first,
    You may seem to struggle.
    Old and your new self,
    Would seem to juggle.

    What once was a Caterpillar,
    Is now a Butterfly.
    You'll see beauty ,
    The change ought to bring
    As time passes by.

  • batulvohra 2w

    Love's evolved

    From sending orchids and roses
    To sharing smilies and heart emojis

    From writing long letters and poetries
    To tagging in snapchat and insta stories

    From falling for them at first sight
    To finding new love just at swipe right

    From enjoying every little moment
    To running after every latest couple trend

    From stealing glances between classes
    To asking out at random party dances

    From spending night with their dreams
    To wishing goodnight on tablet screens

    From walking by the sea , hands in hands
    To those dinner dates over the weekends

    From days , sharing thousand emotions
    just through eyes
    To days when even long phone calls
    wouldn't suffice

    Love is what we wanted back then
    Love is what we seek now
    What differs is how...



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    Roses & emojis


  • batulvohra 4w

    Dear 2020,
    With enjoying all girls trip to goa post exams, to finally getting the tag of Dr, it all started on a good note.
    From making best use of this one last year of college, gaining as much knowledge that I could to making many more memories with my bffs to be cherished forever.You can't even imagine what all I had planned ahead.

    But come 21 March, 2020 and the world came to standstill. All it took, was a virus to turn everybody's life.
    Being at home for such a long time after spending years in the hostel, seemed to be such a relief. Little did I know that I'd be missing my routine life back then.

    So come lockdown, and out came the list of all to be read books, series and movies to be watched, paint brushes and those half written poetries.

    From chatting endlessly with my friends discussing complex family tree of DARK and who's gonna survive the Money Heist to making those boring ppts.

    Enjoying long video calls sharing our lockdown experiments to reminiscing good old days.
    From writing my heart out to attending online open mics
    From virtual bday wishes to online lectures.

    From Enjoying family time playing tambola and ludo, carrying out those midnight baking endeavors to watching Disney with cousins.

    Fun and Enthusiasm did last for long period of time, but it did come to an end.
    There came days when I felt like doing nothing.
    Days spent Just staring blankly at my diary or scrolling endlessly through insta barely giving a glance at any post.
    Days when I badly missed my college, the traffic, dining out at restaurants, those impromptu hangouts with friends. Days, when home felt like a prison which one could barely escape. Days, when everything seemed to be going wrong.

    Days, where I brooded over the things that I could have done, had the things been different.

    There was a time when I just hated you, wanting time to pass and things to get normal asap.

    But at a same time I'm grateful to you, for all those little lessons that you've taught me, be it understanding the importance of human touch, spending quality time with loved ones, rediscovering self and being grateful to little things in life.

    So finally here we are, near the end of yet another year. I'm glad its about to end and I do hope 2021 has something better in store for us.
    But Call me a hypocrite if you like, I'm gonna miss you.

    - Batul Vohra

    #writersnetwork#mirakee#2020#newyear#newbeginn ings#2021#life#hope

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    Dear 2020,

    From missing my normal life
    And wanting to break free
    To enjoying little moments that I've spent.
    Even though I'm glad
    the year's finally gonna end,
    A part of me will miss you

  • batulvohra 5w

    It's the feeling that goes unseen
    It's the words that go unheard
    It's the Silent screams and
    Vivid dreams
    It's the Deepest fear
    And a lone tear
    They aren't just mere rhymes
    Or woven tales
    It's what a writer's heart that wails...

  • batulvohra 7w


    You don't need somebody else
    To tell you were good
    You know you did the best you could
    So raise a toast and smile
    Celebrate thyself
    Cuz you've managed to cover these miles


  • batulvohra 8w

    Have you ever wondered who we are really?
    Are we really what we show?
    Or whether our true self lies within the core.

    We all are born unique. Each one having their own physical characteristics, likes dislikes, intellect and sensitivity. Every one is one of it's own kind.
    But as one grows and becomes a part of larger society, there comes time when he has to hide his true self, portraying a facade.
    A facade of honest , hardworking employee/ student
    A facade of loving partner
    A facade of dutiful son/ daughter

    What for?

    As time passes by, the core gets pushed deeper and deeper, covered within multiple layers.
    In the chaos of maintaining our roles we forget who we truly are..


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    Are you really what you show
    Or there's someone else
    hidden within the core?


  • batulvohra 10w

    We met at CMP
    For almost half of year we were mystery
    Not knowing each other that well
    But as time passed by we began to gel

    Our very first hang out must have been
    Enjoying post 1 year exam at burger king
    And after that it just became a trend
    Going to mcd KFC with our stranger beings

    Be it Delhi Darbar ki tandoori
    Or 99 pancakes
    Silver beach ke dosas
    Jumbo king ka vada pav
    and crazy shakes
    Food always added sparkle to your
    Just like joey��

    From crying over pending syllabus
    To planning dream trips
    Sharing cringy memes
    To useful exam tips
    From kolad river rafting
    To ultimate goa trip
    The days that we've spent together
    Will be cherished forever..

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    To My Kumbhkaran

  • batulvohra 11w

    Kaise kahu ki bin tere dil behal hai
    Har ghadi sataye tera khayal hai
    Tere bin beeta har pal mano lagta saal hai
    Tujhse ab bas yhi saval hai

    Kya yaado me meri tu bhi tadpati hai?
    Kya raate teri sukoon se katati hai?
    Kya dil me tere dhadkane meri basti hai?

  • batulvohra 11w

    रोज़ बात करना ज़रूरी तो नहीं
    हर मैसेज पर इमीडियेट जवाब देना
    पॉसिबल तो नहीं
    शायद हर वक़्त ये भी ना बन सके
    कि तुम्हारे आसूँ पोछने मौजूद रहु
    कभी कभी तुम्हारी छोटी सी जीत पे भी
    शामिल ना हो सकु

    तो क्या रिश्ता ख़तम?

    ज़रूरी तो ये है
    चाहे गम हो या ख़ुशी
    सबसे पहले ख्याल तुम्हारा आए
    लम्बे मेसेजिस या कॉल भले ना सही
    चंद लफ्ज़ो में दिल का हाल बयां हो जाए

    ब्लू टिक्स या लास्ट सीन की हमें
    परवाह नहीं
    वक़्त के साथ
    बाते भले ही कम होजाए
    ज़िन्दगी के हर एक पल में एक दूजे को भूल ना जाए कही



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