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  • bawejabharat 19h

    Lord of Death

    This Maha shiv Ratri
    Pls don't offer milk and material to God ...All the material comes from him ... water, milk,flowers, anything you can think of !!
    Offer him the only thing you own in this universe - your Ego ...
    Let go of this Ego at this Maha shiv Ratri!!
    Ego- The most possessed thing in this universe, give it to HIM.
    He is God of Death !!
    He is Lord of Death!!
    So let your Ego die with him while you live!!

  • bawejabharat 2d

    (Price less)

    Cry you heart out
    Fire your tears
    Burns all the froth
    Till the soul worth!
    I am here to see
    The priceless!!


  • bawejabharat 4d


    You could see the spirit through the eyes and the smile. That’s what you fell in love with!!

  • bawejabharat 5d

    Come Along

    Come along ...soon
    Before its too late
    There is place
    I want to show you
    Where the world cease
    and it's boundaries
    Where there is No bodies
    Just dancing of souls
    like the butterflies
    They come along and go..
    Not knowing where to go
    Surrendering to existence,
    they again come along!!

    Where there is No time arrives!
    Yet it stops for you!
    No body can see us
    Only moon,grass and stars
    Witness this..
    This is the place,
    We create in love,
    when we sit ,walk &Talk,
    With hand in hands!!
    Come Along!!


  • bawejabharat 1w


    Tujse Milne ki Khushi
    Ka izhaar Karu kaise
    Muddato see Kalam
    dard ki shayari se
    Main beeghi Hain!!
    Koshish hazaar ki
    Khushi izhaar ki
    Par shabd mere adatan
    Ab bhi tanhai se lipte hain!

  • bawejabharat 1w


    "And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky." -


  • bawejabharat 1w


    I truly found love in you
    And Me And everywhere
    It's the nature of every being
    Nature of The very soul!

    It's the soul of nothingness
    The very soul of everyone
    Love is manifested in to forms
    Forms to unmanifest!
    Love remains constant

    Love is the energy to keep
    Roatating the time
    In time itself it
    Change forms from
    Manifested to unmanifested
    And vice versa!

    Love is the reverse energy created
    When you fall apart from soulmate
    That pull towards your source
    The source is nothingness
    Love is nothingness
    But "Isness" is there
    In very isness the soul is born!

    Love is spiral binder of
    Nothing ness to isness
    And "Isness" to nothingness
    And keep roatating!!

    It's our thoughts which are roatating
    Love is stillness in nothing!

  • bawejabharat 1w


    Girta nahi, jhukte Huh main
    Tumhe samjh Na ayega
    Sajde main Huh main!


  • bawejabharat 1w


    Be still in the flow!
    Stillness is the ultimate flow!


  • bawejabharat 2w

    Ek tarfa

    Ek tarfa Pyar ka maja
    Hi kuch Aur Hain!
    Apna hi mandir
    Apna "khuda" Hain

    Na ajjano ki Awaaj
    Na ghantio ka shor
    Na pandito ke mantra
    Na maulvi ke fatwe!
    Na Aane ka intezaar
    Na kahi Jane ki tammana!

    Ek Khamosh se bandagi Hain
    Bin bol ke Geet
    bin bati ke jyoti jale
    sab Dua Hain kabool

    Ek tarfa Pyar ka
    Maja hi kuch Aur hain!!