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  • beastwrites 11w

    #enjoy life # happiness# sadness

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    ''Happiness is not the only life''

  • beastwrites 13w


    The taste buds of all the people are not same as their feelings.

  • beastwrites 13w

    # last exam#feelings of that day # njoy it

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    The last examination

    The last day of examination is the best day ever in my school life

  • beastwrites 19w

    Beauty of pakistan

    How can people speak bad about something which they only listen,without the witness of their eyes...
    May be the beauty of hunza had blind folded their eyes,
    May be the purity in culture had left unseen,
    May be the faith of god had blown up their minds,
    May be the love of people had melted their hearts,
    May be the natural treasures had muted their voice,
    May be the intricate structures had diverted their minds.....
    Still you address them as terrorists ,they are not ,you are.........

  • beastwrites 27w

    You are my very unhealthy desire,which I never had....

  • beastwrites 27w


    I get broken every time whenever, I try to fix the broken pieces of my past ,which you have already broked ....

  • beastwrites 27w


    I have gone too far ,
    In the search of sound of silence,where
    I buried myself.....the real me

  • beastwrites 28w

    If I were a flower,atleast then,
    I would have been loved and admired..........

  • beastwrites 28w

    I can still remember that night,
    When the moon felt asleep,
    But ,I was still awake,
    When the spells of darkness glowed,
    Behind where your thoughts flowed,
    When the silent breeze whisperd,
    The secrets of my past dispersed,
    as the night is meant for the stars ,
    I felt you are meant for me,
    Someone whom I felt nothing before,
    Is everything for me now.........

  • beastwrites 29w

    It is not good to say that,
    This society is not good,but instead,
    I am not good for this society......