live in the present and feel the moment adore the life and love yourself and love everyone

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  • beautywithinyou 1w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    Part 3 is coming up soon. Its the final chapter.
    Hope u guys loving it and having a good day . Love you all . Always smile and make others Happy. Try to live life to the fullest. No matter what u r going through now.. trust me it's all gonna be fine soon at last everything happens for a reason and your mistakes are always there to make u a better person so never feel low or bad about ur situations. Keep smiling . God is with you and your good days are on the way. Love yourself and love everyone. Take care. Thanks for the support guys❤️❤️.

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    Court of vampires while Stars ruling the night (part 2).

    Part 2

    Oh no he looks so pale and white...
    Why is he still staring at me and being so quiet.
    There is something about his eyes they are so bright..
    He was looking at me as if he was gonna bite.
    Still when he waved a smile idk somehow it made me feel everything alright.
    He asked me how about driving me home tonight?
    Without having a second thought i hop in his car i don't know y but i feel sure about this guy who i met at very first sight.
    After couple of miles we ran out of gas ...i think we have to stay here overnight.
    A person who was so quiet.
    Started to talk as if he knows everything about me Which actually made me feel excite.
    He asked me " Do you remember me ? U know me right?"
    I felt kinda confused yet felt something special that brought us together tonight.
    He said his home is kinda near by, could we stay at his place for an overnight?
    By saying so he held my hand so tight..
    In that that moment i saw a vision where we both were kissing under spotlight.

  • beautywithinyou 3w

    Yeah part 2 is gonna uploaded soon...have you ever thought about fantasy of loving a vampire?
    well yeah i do... since im a huge fan of twilight but it might not happen in real but for all those vampire diaries fans here a post for u. And it's a story series. Hope u guys love it.
    #FridayFun @mirakee

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    court of vampires while stars ruling the night ❤️ (part 1)

    It's actually dark past the mid-night...
    I'm walking down the road that ain't got any street lights
    I kept saying to myself it's alright...
    I don't know if I would get a cab tonight...
    I missed my bus, now I don't know which path is right
    well... standing near the cross road by the pole which is actually so tall in height...
    OMG how can i get through this night?
    Oh no! Wait.. I heard something I looked around but everything seems so quiet...
    what it could be this late night?
    I kept walking but I heard someone is following me behind, i held my purse so tight...
    Oh god he is just a man who crossed my path and stood so polite...
    I looked up to have a glance over him...He is so Charming and bright...
    He is looking into my eyes and I can't hold my breath upright...
    in the middle of nowhere while it's drizzling at midnight
    How can i make up to my home tonight?
    Who is this guy and why is his presence making me feel so warm from inside...and im helpless since everything is out of my sight.

  • beautywithinyou 3w


    Somewhere in the midst of those dark days got my soul hold back to rise,
    Those tears starts to scroll down of my face as everything around me seems to be so unwise..
    Those unwanted thoughts which left me all alone filled my ears with lies.
    Those false thoughts hide the truth from reaching the eyes..
    Those lies were trying to convince my soul im not the best, That wasn't right,.. Those insecurities that made my soul compress..To rise.
    between those four walls My soul started to demise.
    But that never stopped my soul to rise..
    Even the sun has to bow down every single night just to rise but it never dies.

  • beautywithinyou 4w

    I know sometimes everyone might face it. When u love someone and that person never even try to notice what u did for them. they leave u hanging in confusion whether they want u or not... Whether they like you or not. They ain't even sure about you even when u showed ur love towards them. To those who are hanging on there. Let me tell u something not everyone deserves ur love. Few just have fun for time being don't let those leave a mark on ur hearts which takes years to heal. Love yourself and have self-respect ❤️❤️❤️ love u guys keep smiling ��

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    Sometimes we fall so hard for someone.
    A person who can't notice it seems it like fun.
    They keep playing their games until u are done.
    Where u feel to shoot such ppl with shotgun.
    But still ur soul always gets worried for that loved one.
    Always giving excuses one by one...
    at last leaving ur soul, u have to fight for long run.
    when u realised what he did for u, the answer was none.
    You know that it was his soul, u could have never won.
    U can't make a home run ..
    Unless he is able to see ur soul so special but not as everyone.
    So u made ur home a prison and left all ur works undone.
    I don't understand why u have to be so sad for someone ..
    When that person can't even notice what u have done.
    Don't u think its the start of a new chapter that has to begin?
    Show some love for urself and overcome.
    Don't be such mean one where u feel so numb.
    coz trust me as u get through it , there is always a beautiful outcome.

  • beautywithinyou 5w


    Sis thanks for always caring me it really means a lot. I'm so happy if someone is really happy coz of me. And I'm never gonna leave u when ever u r alone I'm gonna be there❤️with lots of love and hugs. You met on mirakee but still not less then my own sis when it comes to caring. I'm really blessed.

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    I met an angel few months ago
    Who's heart seems so sweet and warm enough to glow.

    I never thought that someone could ever care so much and never let go.
    She is so pure like snow.

    Always willing to make everyone smile whom she knows.
    I'm so blessed to have a sister like her that made my feelings start to overflow.

    I will never let her feel alone or low.
    My sis u r my commando.
    And I'm your shadow.
    Never let you feel below.

    Always there to catch u when u fall and cry Alone.
    It's not just for today or tomorrow.

    But my love for you is forever as long as my heart doesn't stop to flow.

    I'm sorry for those days where I couldn't be there for u though.
    And u really mean so much to me as we together make a perfect duo.

    Sis we have lot Many years to go
    And I promise we always stay together until we grow.

    And I will never let u go.

  • beautywithinyou 6w

    Those all who supported and always wait for my post and who encouraged even in my silence I can never forget u guys. U all made my life better.. especially when I read all your guys comments on my post I can never tell how happy and blessed to have u all. It dedicated to all of you guys.
    Sorry there r so many whom I still want to tag but it only allowing 10 or 5 ppl to tag so I decided to tag in my comment section.bcoz u all really mean a lot to me. You guys never know even a single word can change a person's mood or hard time their r facing in that case I'm really lucky to have you all. I can't thank you all enough ...ur each comment made hard times of my life easier. Keep supporting. Love you all❤️. We are all a part of family. 다들 사랑해 .

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    Your love is so magical like a spell...
    That cast my soul so well..

    Like I never thought I could ever fell...
    But the way u made me feel, could never tell...

    How can u understand me so well?
    Always protecting my soul and heart like a shell

    Sometimes I get these dreams that make me scared like hell..
    What if our love can never Ring the door bell...

    A door where our both souls are ready to mingle like a gel.
    Where everything gets alright and great like a heavenly match that cast the spell.

    My soul never gets worried as long as I can hear your YELL.
    When actually darkness cast the spell.

    Is our zodiac signs doesn't match is it real?
    My heart starts to pain like hell

  • beautywithinyou 28w

    It's so lucky to have someone who will be star to our sky.. Never leave but always stay by ourside. Find true souls trust me you will never get hurt by anyway.

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    Covered in the braces of your shield,
    Which makes my love enhance to peaks.

    As I say to kiss you by, let me hold you gently and tight.

    Baby I hold you quite, let me kiss you until your tears say goodbye..

    My emotions make it clear, that we are meant to be here.
    Like the Stars and sky mend together.

    Sometimes I wonder how we stay so close to each other
    Whether it's forever??

    What so ever,

  • beautywithinyou 28w

    So blessed to have such souls who truly concerned about me. Thanks a lot sweethearts!
    @udit94 @redheart @dhanupatil @khalidah03 @ovais43 @belieber_girl @ashmita__dutta @elusive_me @afaq4619 @believersrejoice

    Sorry only ten ppl could tag but there are lot more many. Im really thankful to each and everyone of you guys.

    #True love is forever priceless and evergreen.

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    WORTH IT ❤️

    Loving you is harder but leaving you will be my last


  • beautywithinyou 28w

    # Hey dear souls. Life is too short. I always believed in loving oneself and loving everyone is what is needed to have a good life. Still I believe that love has nothing to do with your physical appearance or be it anything. A pure soul with amazing heart is lot more enough to build those days that draw those moments of life filled with grace. Todays world got standards for everything but for pure hearts there isn't any word called "standards" that could stop them from shining. Always remember its not important how much money u have or how good u fit in today's beauty standards. It's about having a soul that can love anyone without any objections. That can only happen when one can truly accept themselves and love the way they are. I believe having a person who loves u for your soul is much greater than a person who tries to see those stardards in you. I don't understand why people are so back of those when they ain't gonna stay any long but only the heart and soul gonna be forever. So hope u understand soul is important make sure u get someone who loves u so badly that they can't sleep over night just thinking whether u r fine or not. Coz its soul that gonna be there forever so make sure u find a pure and trustworthy soul. Remember even rose seems beautiful but it got thrones on it. No matter how good looking the person might be or have money if he/she has a heart which is ugly and covered with thorns its gonna hurt in every possible way.
    A true heart should be like sky which always makes u dream higher and which is so pure. so never waste your tears on wrong person who isn't worth it. Trust me Life is short so if you keep asking for attention and for priority from the one who doesn't do it or make you feel you are really priority to them it's better you let them Know your true value.

    NOTE:- Sorry guys I wasn't active here since few weeks. I'm really sorry for that. I missed all your posts I'm extremely sorry. I'm active from today. Make sure you guys tag me and I make sure I repost them��

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    What a painful night...
    Once filled with your love and compassion..those drawn the lights...
    Now nowhere seems so bright loneliness drawn the sight...
    Your soft hugs and deep talks vanished and left me blight..
    Onces hours seems like seconds... now without your presence feels so plight.
    Can my soul alone fight?
    Obviously it might!
    Its not too late to take a flight, just to fly and reach the sky tonight.
    My soul no longer wants to weep in silence while u seem so quite.
    Don't want these dark nights to split us both apart tonight.
    But want to fight tilll my soul falls asleep as it says forever Goodnight..

  • beautywithinyou 34w

    Hey friends thanks a lot for 3000 Followers. It really means a lot to me. Just know guys. Life is short to live ..As humans we all are not perfect but yeah, we can always do better than before. Our mistakes are our true teacher which teaches us to do better. God never promised us to give us an easy life but he never said that u can never do any better. He assured that he will be with u, and always ur mistakes are your stepping stones but not a stone that is meant for drowning. Sun shines while dark clouds still cover the surface of the sky. In the same way our dark moments are like those dark clouds which includes all types of problems, guilt, sadness,heart break that could stop us to shine. But still shows how we can always find gaps to shine through those dark clouds which surround us. The thing is u have to be bold . As the Sun never stops nor moves until it goes for rest to do better for the next day again. Know what ever it is, those dark moments never last, so do the clouds that surround the sky. They get clear as you never give up and keep shining. Let urself shine out in all directions.Always rising again but never giving in.❤️. Love yourself and Love everyone.

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    True fire

    Once you think you had enough.
    then there is no room for any shit that can drag you down.

    #Feel the pain not for the sake to get depressed but to rise up to the heights that you deserve!
    #Free up your soul from those prisoners.