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  • beccaworld 1w

    Lets my words gently caress your soul
    Lets my writings fill your soul with love
    Lets the words of my mouth be that balm you seek for

  • beccaworld 1w

    Yes the waves blows strongly
    Yes the oceans sweeps my feets
    Yes the moon bright the bright

    Yes my heart should NOT be heavy

  • beccaworld 1w

    We came into this world with a vision
    We are in this world for a mission
    My life your life OR our life

  • beccaworld 1w

    Never lets your emotions control your thoughts
    Lesson of the day

  • beccaworld 2w

    No matter how deep or strong lier u think you are
    One thing is for sure
    You can never lie to someone that is honest to you.


  • beccaworld 10w

    The journey of a thousand mile is said to begin with a step
    The step uncovered
    The step that brings forth tears laugher (all in all)
    Yet we need to take that step

  • beccaworld 10w

    Still blur
    Still can't see through the mirror of life
    Its still blur
    Never having any intention to be clear
    Only hope,faith and the strong minded
    Scale through

  • beccaworld 10w

    And again i was reborn
    To stop all inactivities
    To yield forth tears amidst laugher

    And i was reborn
    To keep quite,watch listen and think

    I am reborn

  • beccaworld 13w

    Thinking of one self can only lead to another man's destruction.
    The danger we all are facing is caused by greed.

    If only eyes could kill
    I would have killed the greed out of those men in white Agbada

    They wanna die there! They wanna die there!

    If only my eyes can stop the wickedness of this world i would have.

    End this injustice now!


  • beccaworld 20w

    I cnt wait for the rest ahead
    The hope that lies within my soul
    The rest i mean is the future that awaits evrywan
    The future full of promise nd breakthrough
    A place where there is abundant of love
    A place where the sun set and shines like rainbow
    A place where the tree is as high just like a mountain
    A place where the sun will rush out sweet tears from our eyes
    A place of abundant of love
    A place full of laughter
    The future awaits us... live right!!!!!
    A place i will love to be
    Happy new month