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  • behindface 2d

    Among all of my other writings, i liked it a little more..Hope it goes same for you ��

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    You could have waited,
    All i needed was a little time,
    how they made it so tempted
    to share what once was mine?

    I was bounded by its play
    time, you Know that right.
    have i made it much of a delay
    to be at your sight?

    A lot must have passed
    in those years,months,days ,hours
    Tough to see our dream crashed,
    now not even there to call ours.

    I have felt your love sincerely,
    now that you have hate in there,
    so i need to feel it genuinely,
    cause it takes that much to break me here.

    Every now and then someone says,
    your different views on me.
    like if i have faced sun's rays,
    its only shadow that you can see.

    Someday maybe you will realise,
    i never left ,never betrayed,
    never ever i mocked or criticized
    just a lover tangled and time played.

    It's getting hard day by day,
    maybe i should quit for everyone's sake.
    facing stranger's hate everyday,
    maybe your love is someone else's to take.

  • behindface 4d

    Not in my best form now days, not giving much thought about my writings , sorry for that.

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    Its been a few days
    I'm not eating much
    sometimes my mother says
    there's no love as such

    In between nights i wake up
    i cry ,then again to sleep i try
    open eyes, losing grip on the cup
    staring at anything no reason why

    Maybe I'm losing everything
    but what do i have
    dare you to lure me for something
    cause i need a reason to crave.
    © JhelamRout

  • behindface 4d

    Yes i called her ,she was cursing you, I didn't like it,. showing too much rather than doing , these are all fake people dont keep them close.

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    It's me

    I called her ,she's nice though
    but she hates me ,makes me feel low

    she loves you a lot, that's all should matter
    but she started cursing you a while later

    I lost all my respect for her
    when she said she prays for you from far
    but how can a curse become blessing
    praying a moment,whole life cursing

    Meaning of love is so confusing
    but the love she does, I'm refusing

    She said her words get right ultimately
    and nothing u feel but just do intimately
    that your happiness can never end with me
    you would leave, that's what it'll be

    She said you too trust her forecasting
    and the love in us is not that lasting

    Baby, maybe she really knows you
    but don't worry I'll turn you brand new

    She knows you,not me not us
    take a risk this time,just once

    Just forget it all, whatever they may say
    It's me, I'll give back your lovely sunny day.
    © jhelamRout

  • behindface 7w

    Its a pickup line..i

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    If kissing you is a sin,
    i would happily walk through hell.


  • behindface 7w

    kind of intese well as lame.��

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    If we consider water as beauty,
    darling ,you are my OCEAN.

    © jhelamrout

  • behindface 7w

    my frustration's reaction.

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    what is this feeling now
    why I'm feeling this low
    what is love
    go away, I'm tired
    nothing else to admire
    © jhelamrout

  • behindface 7w

    mix with a little bit of my imagination.

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    The lake

    The feeling we feel today
    and there's a world awaiting another day
    hope u keep those roses red
    hey, dont put all those thorns back
    don't bury that 4 yrs old
    for me it's alive and unfold
    i asked myself again n again
    why its pulling me down, like a chain
    no one listened to me,i waited
    days passed and feelings got conflated
    when time plays the antagonist
    who are u and i to sin

    one day those stars wont be alone
    when the moon won't come back
    they would smile at me
    and say go meet him by the lake.

  • behindface 7w

    Its about YOU(my love)

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    They got a different story, a different u
    with different choices and a different view.

  • behindface 7w


    they can build an empire for him
    but he's a king, only in my tomb.

  • behindface 7w

    Result of my boredom/corona holiday.

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    I just asked for a moment to savour
    so please, do me a favour,
    could you just
    stop trying to be more clever!!