Insta:-juhi9944 Words written from heart, Entangled through the verses deep down in the heartbeat..

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  • being_hustler 5w

    No predictions were there,
    When one fine day you knocked the door,
    With expectations in your heart and love in your eyes,
    Your voice was held by your soul,
    I agreed,
    That happiness was beyond the world for me to explain,
    Little did I know that it will be the dark past,
    Making the wholesome difference in to my not so normal world,
    Maybe I would not have let you in or maybe you were the most efficient teacher of life...

  • being_hustler 7w

    We are not seeing the reality,
    By making our world with our expectations,
    When the world does not react the way we want,
    We start to see that our life is a worthless,
    Which lead us towards pessimism,
    But technically if we start seeing things that they are then we would probably hurt ourselves less and would range towards solving the problems more.

  • being_hustler 7w

    Just Aches to see the less humanity and more discrimination,
    We are biased in a sense never to be there with someone,
    I find it true when one says," We have come alone and we will walk away alone",
    But when I see those eyes glittering which were once closed in need,
    Makes me believe we are less human and more an insanely depriving person...

  • being_hustler 10w

    Heart just aches to be better,
    Dividing the love with the moon and sun,
    Shutting every door to heal,
    When the truth of life just emerges it just evaporates more expectation of love,
    Letting myself believe it's just a myth,
    Exhaling the breadth to sustain in the declaimation,
    Maybe the pain has took over the body,
    Body has just gave up to be normal,
    Destroyed in the process over a blame game in a substantial value,
    Maybe choices were need to be different,
    Just came forward a lesson don't expect,
    Either every single thing is playing,
    Just evaluating to be a better person,
    Maybe positive or negative is a question,
    If I will choose it will be different in every circumstance,
    Maybe It just need a relaxation and stop being an inconsiderate,
    It will somehow be a phase and maybe the future will be happier to be unpredictable and Dizzy now...

  • being_hustler 10w

    It always keep wondering in my soul,
    Why I always choose the wrong person who can abandon me anytime?
    I give everything to someone and suffered in silence,
    But surely he did not care,
    Because he cared for someone else so I was just an option,
    I was wrong with my choice but you need to grab your mistakes and go ahead,
    Make sure you never do it back,
    I have stopped feeling,
    My heart is empty,
    No room for any other person in my life,
    Maybe it's time to heal myself so I need to shut the door every way possible...

  • being_hustler 11w


    Toxic people are all over the place,
    Taking up your mind,
    Controlling your energy,
    Loosing you up with every point of view,
    Making your success less worth,
    Telling the negatives when you don't want to hear it,
    Leaving you when the win and happy situation turns around you,
    Be aware of them because they can take all from you and give you nothing...

  • being_hustler 11w

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    My verses are bounding the heart,
    That aches in light that shattered,
    I am like a storm born nothing is normal,
    In this hard core world being survived as a millennial,
    When no one gets the word you write is right,
    The astonishing part is even love is tough for you,
    Being in the small succumbed self is the only path,
    Trusting others is no more easy task now,
    Maybe one day everything will end and will find myself in the better place...

  • being_hustler 12w


    Dark and stormy night,
    Finding the moonlight,
    Desiring in Lifetime,
    Silence to playtime,
    Melody to satisfy,
    Jazz to multiply,
    Life to glorify,
    To fire the ignite,
    Let's celebrate the stormy night..

  • being_hustler 12w

    "Sometimes all the things you want to do take a reverse turn in your life and without any fault of your there will be constant rejection and failure.
    At that point you need to know nothing,you need to keep your head high
    Move on don't wait".

  • being_hustler 13w

    Love for you may be will never demolished,
    As regardless of the age or time it is beyond the circle that the time passes,
    As we are growing old that love is continuously changing in to understanding,
    Bond is becoming stronger,
    We are surfing with the trust,
    In the river of love,
    If our paths are fortunate then maybe we will see the shore soon...