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    Happiness is a journey not your destination.

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    5 Most Important Things in a Relationship

    Self-Love. In order to have a loving, healthy relationship with another individual, you should be able to love yourself. ...

    Trust. This may seem obvious to many individuals, but a large population of dating individuals is with partners whom they don't even trust. ...




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    The comeback is always stronger than the set back. So believe in yourself and work for it.

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    5 advantages of being an extrovert

    1. It makes you socially active with everyone.
    2. It makes you expressive and confident.
    3. It gives you the first growth of individual.
    4. It gives advantage to share your ideas and plans with others.
    5. Helps to create your own identity in shorter period of time.

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    5 life lessons you should learn from the Mahabharata

    1. Stand by what's right; even fight for it
    2. The everlasting friendship between Krishna and Arjuna.
    3. Half knowledge is very dangerous.
    4. Being a woman doesn't make you lesser than individual. Always try to fight for yourself without being dependent on someone.
    5. Bad company/ crowd can ruin your life beyond imagination. Choose your company carefully.

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    5 things to do to upgrade yourself

    1. Believe in yourself first. Doesn't matter what society thinks or says about you .
    2. Be confident enough to face failures because at last it's lead to success.
    3. Cut off negative people from your life and surround yourself with positive once.
    4. Focus on your dreams give priority to yourself first.
    5. Make your habit of learning something new from others because knowledge never goes waste.

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    B unknown writer

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    I know that you're going through this tough phrase where u find many people specially teenagers go through depression and many more. The thing is when u breakup with someone that doesn't mean that u can't live without them it's just that you will feel some emotional attachment with that person but it's alright because great things happen after this you start improving yourself more and start believing in you. You create those things in your life that you have never thought of. Life is unpredictable man you never know what's going to happen next so believe because now your gonna do something more, something innovative that after 1year you will be in nostalgia that how much you have improved yourself and you will say thank you to your ex for teaching you a lesson. Upgrade yourself as much as you can..

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    Thank you for everything you have been doing for me and for being my backbone when ever I needed you. It's too hard to put into words my feelings for you because u know how is our fights it's like Tom and Jerry. Best part is we fight alot, argue alot, disrespect each other a lot. But our bonding is full of pure love and support. Doesn't matter what happens in life but you will always my priority in life and wishing you happy brother's day.
    Wishing u happy brother's day to all the brothers out there spread love and positivity.

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    It is not about comprising with each other, it is about understanding each other well and make things out for for us but not for the society. Talk about us more share your ideas more,feelings about us which helps each other to grow in better perspective just for us not for society . fights are common things in relationships always one cannot be correct and always one cannot be wrong. it is not like a mathematics that you have to get crusial about every step. it's all about understand each other and by trust and honesty between us not to show off to the society but for us fighting is not between you and me . fighting is between us versus Ego.