Passionate empath and writer. I hope we can learn together with our words, nice to meet you! IG: @bellemoon99

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  • bellemoon 7h


    Things are always changing, who you are is not who you were, who you are is not who you will be. So relax, allow yourself to be free.

  • bellemoon 1d

    Live right

    The more I try to eradicate darkness from my mind, the more I just feel pain.
    The more I try to vanish all negativity from my heart, the more I just fall down again.
    The more I try to hit rewind, the more I feel like my energy I won't regain.
    So I have realized, I have to stop that.
    Darkness, pain, negativity, are all part from life! Without them their counterparts would disappear.
    So now everything is clear, oh so clear!
    Dance with darkness and become light,
    Learn from pain and heal yourself,
    Find the balance of negative and positive so you can live right!

  • bellemoon 2d

    Open the door

    To complain is bootless,
    Take action!
    To play the victim is useless,
    Take life into your hands!
    To blame others is shameless,
    Take responsability!
    The key to happiness is yours,
    decide to open the door or stay with less.

  • bellemoon 3d


    Those who have true probity won't yell it at the four winds.
    Those who claim to know it all are those who have empty minds.
    The light that truly matters is one that heals, never blinds.
    Look into their eyes, that's how you'll find the true heroes of mankind.

  • bellemoon 4d


    Neglected wounds which never heal,
    Repressed words that never reveal,
    Growing emotions that life can steal,
    Stop! Turn back! You'll turn into a meal!
    But you never did...compassion had no appeal.
    So you lie cut into pieces as hatred's delicious dinner.

  • bellemoon 4d

    Open mind

    Repeating concepts and definitions,
    Hammering them down until you memorize them.
    But do you really understand any of them? Have you really learned anything ?
    Hammer it down, hammer it down, hammer it down until you drown.
    Your skull cracks open and your brain oozes this what they meant by having an open mind?

  • bellemoon 5d


    Rage slowly flares it's way up to my throat, my eyes burn, my chest tightens. How can you be such an imbecile?! It was easy, you said so yourself.
    Just talk! Just say what's wrong so they can understand!! But no, you couldn't do that simple task. You had to swallow your words like pills and overdose yourself in emotions. You wish to drown? Then drown in the ocean of self pity and self hatred you have created.
    I can't my blood shot eyes search my surroundings, I understand I've been left alone. Not even my own voice dares to keep protesting like it had...a dead cold silence is the only thing left.
    Anger and sadness have also left me, leaving numbness behind. Lonely and forgotten, like I am. The tears are gone, my eyes are now dry. My smiles are gone, my lips lazily stay in a flat line. Everything left, everything's gone. Just as I had wished...ironally that wish, vanished too.

  • bellemoon 1w

    The witch's love

    I may not believe in Cupid, but something magical happened that day.
    I found the god to my goddess, your lips met mine and you made me sway.
    No love spell from my shadow book had made me feel that way.
    My night filled with stars, please Goddess! Let him stay.
    The moon has filled and waxed a thousand times but my love for you never melt away.

  • bellemoon 1w


    Bright colours and flashing lights, a visual torture for my tired eyes.
    Loud voices and screeching cars, an aural ordeal for my overwhelmed ears.
    Don't leave me alone! I can't handle any more stimuli.
    I'm too alive, too aware! I wish I could rest from it all somewhere.
    Wonderful magic, dangerous perception.
    Goddess! Give me strength, or I'll vanish into a world of deception.

  • bellemoon 1w

    #miamor #flor #amor a mi esposo.

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    Mi flor

    Eres una hermosa flor que creció en un campo de guerra y aún así sus colores deslumbran a todo el que pasa.