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  • bettyethio 14w

    Just my thought

    I am using mirakee for some time now, and i don't know how mirakeerepost, #pod, post of the day are choosen. This platform seems to give so much credit for ppls who uses complex words, expressions & long lines and i ask myself why? Don't you know that it is the concept, the originality, the simplicity & the beuty which matters the most and how easy it is for others to understand which should be evaluated ? For instance the mirakeean #babby554 is known and appreciated in Ethiopia throuout many Radio stations but here surprisingly i don't see even for once your guys appreciation so is there some pre-condition or what ?


  • bettyethio 15w

    To all it matters.

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    I was used to feel guilty for detaching myself from people i previously thought i like and ask myself what is wrong with me? The truth is because the more i know them the more i understand that we are not meant to be so who says first impressions are always right? For those who still blame me i have smt to say too "you think i care what you think"? !