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  • beworded_yoyosha 11w

    Just an intro of myriads of mind's rine!

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    Myriads of mind's rine

    Within the depths of your mind lies the treasure of your knowledge. Let it unleash its aureate wisdom compelled to attract every soul.

  • beworded_yoyosha 15w

    The other day, I was crying.
    The other day, I was weeping.
    The other day, I was contenting with my sorrows.
    The other day, I was loving my tears.

    That same day and no other day,
    The snow crawled down the sky,
    The clouds weeped.
    That day the sky left it's load.

    That day I realised that the snow amalgated with my tears which were turned into frost now. I realised that the sky left it's load, so did I. I realised that I was to wear but nor did I but was it the sky!? I realised that winter was finally here!
    In this winter, let sorrows be frosted and your mindset and soul fostered!

    I write this post today pushing my load away! I ask you did you feel the same someday and why?

    #loveyourself #winterishere #sorrows to be frosted # no more sorrows #be happy #be no fiend ###########THANK-YOU!

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    In this winter, let sorrows be frosted and minset and soul fostered!


  • beworded_yoyosha 17w

    Please read it

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    Do you know what's the softest "thing" in the world?

    Hint: That's something or someone not by body neither physique but by their softness of nature, their softness of mind, their softness of intellect, their softness of compatibility, their softness of respect and their softness of thoughts and more.

    But then there are those beasts; those imbeciles, running out there crushing this softness.
    The source of this softness doesn't want you to protect it but just to respect and think of her as equals as she thinks of you. These beasts come in groups to attack this softness. But she would never come to avenge you neither individually nor in groups because she is not beast but simply softness.

  • beworded_yoyosha 18w

    Some things appear cleaner when they are dirtier.
    Heart is one such thing.


  • beworded_yoyosha 19w

    @_maahi @rutvi6 @prospective_prakriti @aradhya @positivity_unfurled and more and more

    Hit that comment section if you have had moments like this or would you love to have them or if you feel them important.

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    A Glance

    So, today I glanced upon some very long-left yet important parts of my life which were broken and cornered. I glanced in a jiffy while sitting in my couch with the headset on. These broken parts were nothing more than but nothing less than the broken pieces of my life and my heart.

  • beworded_yoyosha 21w

    When the world disappears,
    Will I still be here?
    To the chronicle of time,
    Will I become the one supine?
    I'm mortal for sure,
    But where will go, my soul so pure?

    What if comes doom's day?
    Where will be my way?
    I would go to the place of moments
    For I'm the one of affronts.

    I'll move to then moon
    And there boon
    A new race of amateurs
    And deploy some arbitrators.

    But where will be I?
    I'll move out shy
    Flee to some other holm
    And be the one of mom's
    Who creates the world
    For I'll be the god
    Holding strong the life's rod
    But be in my own little pod

    No one will know
    Where will be I.
    For I'll be mortal no more,
    The immortals will reside
    Where I'll sui-cide.
    For I'll be the one
    Moving in all one's heart
    Never will I die
    I'll be the immortal.

    I leave my body
    But I do know that
    I'll make the world
    For me, it ends with me.

    @_aradhya , @rutvi6, @prospective_prakriti, @positivity_unfurled, @_maahi,

    And many more

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    When the world disappears...


  • beworded_yoyosha 25w

    Getting good marks is a sense of contentment.
    My father bloats his chest. My mother bloats her cheeks smiling. My brother goes crazy(I don't know if in jealousy or happiness). My grandfather sees me as someone who will take him to the moon and back. My grandmother says, 'Are mera pota hai na'. What a sense of contentment to all of them. They all are happy. But am I the same? Do I feel mirthful and contented!? Nooo. I suppose three years of scholarships will be a great experience. But I do still remember the thralldom of me being in class 3rd and moving on to class 4th and then class 5th finally.
    What a chubby, gourmand, affection-seeking, teachers warm hug-seeking and alot speaking guy I was. I remember the way I started drawing through oval/circular faces and rectangular bodies. They were my masterpieces indeed����. So happy, so contented and being my father's beloved, I moved on to the 4th grade. A whole new experience and ambience. In the starting, I was a very slow writer and I did get scolded for it. I was quiet and yes, to be a teacher-favourite I never compromised with discipline till then and that's why maybe I was quite and calm. Never had I got more than 95% till then. Getting sixth/fifth rank was so contentful and I always competed for it. I always thought that I could achieve everything from moon to the sun and from a restaurant to a resort. Never-ending were my dreams. Never had I thought that I would suceed to the top place. But then happened something drastic, something alohic, something and many things. There was Shamita ma'am, my 4th grade class-teacher, who scolded me at the very beginning of the session and I scared from here and became disciplined(if it were terror or discipline:I don't know). But this quietness opened the doors to happiness to me. She made me the second chance monitor saying that she had never seen such calmness, quietness and discipline and from that day, she became my favourite teacher. Then recognitions and accolades came thick and fast and no sooner had I been the best monitor and got my class the best-disciplined class of the year than I got my very first third rank and 95%. I was more than happy. Oh yes, the drastic thing even included my very first exposure to coaching outside the thresholds of myhouse. I will never forget Sushmita ma'am #nickki didi although having left the coaching for almost three years now. She was the reason why I managed to get my very first trophy for the third rank. Although it's a teeny-tiny one and probably the smallest amongst all of them but that holds the very first position among all. Then came class five and my journey started. My moto was accolades now. I started the journey to the moon but maybe the fuel was a little less and so it slowed down in class 6th half-yearlys but the first time you comit error then it's a mistake, the second time it's a deed. I geared up and figured out my callousness. Then in class 7th, I got first position in half-yearly and that's the year I got scholarship. But don't know what's wrong with my life's car. It hit then the bumper of depression. I will be thankful to my father and my family for riding my life's car as the driver in my hardcore time and refixing it. I thank them all. Then, now I lay lyimg on my bed with so called good marks and a sense of happiness. But something feels empty. I don't know. I suppose some greater purpose is left. I'll sort it out. If you know it then comment down(my pleasure). I did not live up to my expectations but to others maybe including my family and maybe that's what makes me happy but not contented. The quest is still left. My very heart-7felt wish for 99%. But god is the way and the ray. Not this bit only but to explore more than my holm is my greater wish. But still something doesn't fully arranges the pieces of my life puzzles and that's what I want you to guess and suggest. It would ao pleasurable.

    Thank you for reading one of my life's thralldoms.

    @ everyone who has a quest to unravel.
    @ rutvi6, @ prospective_prakriti, @positivity_unfurled, @ _aradhya, @mahi, @writersnetwork and sorry I couldn't remember all

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    A quest to unravel.
    Just dig it.

    God is the way and the ray.


  • beworded_yoyosha 25w

    I wanna meet the engineers

    @ Prometheus, Alien Covenant, and, Alien Awakening ����

    Why did Elizabeth Shaw die?
    I loved her.

    David has to be killed by his own creations.

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    A new look : Who created us!?

    Who created us?
    God knows.
    Did god create us?
    Then who created him?
    Did he just come by?
    Or if you are an aesthetic,
    Then are we just some random biological mismatch?
    Seems a very profound misfortune.
    Who are we?
    I want to know about myself.
    We created robots?
    Can we be someone's creation too?
    Have we killed our creators ?
    Will our creations also kill us?

    I'm terrified.
    I don't know?

    I wanna find our creators?!

    I wanna go
    Off to the off-shore,
    Where the sun undermines,
    A species of engineers.
    The species of crurines
    Creating someone.
    An another one,
    Someone like us or better ones.
    I wanna meet those engineers,
    The creator of usssssss.
    I wanna meet those angels,
    Or devils so profound.

    I just wanna meet them.

  • beworded_yoyosha 26w

    Every weaker is stronger than the stronger.

    What is strongest, is the equality nature.

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    The equality chain

    Let's start with a snake. What is it?
    A mice killer (for say). What are mice?
    Insect killer (to say). What is an insect?
    A bacteria killer maybe. What are bacteria?
    Your killer (to say). What are you?
    Snake killer?
    Seems so abrupt.
    Who's the strongest?
    But then,
    Who's the strongest?
    Nature(I suppose).
    But, what is it?
    I suppose all that I mentioned above.
    Then all of it is strongest.
    That's my point.
    Everyone and everything is the strongest.
    Nature maintains equality.
    Then why do we overlook it!!!???

    No one's stronger but everyone is equal.

  • beworded_yoyosha 27w

    Hallelujah hallelujah
    My heart is speaking hallelujah
    Exams done
    I feel like a pum

    It's gonna be relaxing
    The drop off the shore
    No more waxing
    It's all waning
    I feel like a pum
    Exams done
    Halle... Halle..... Hallle....hallelujah

    Yo yo