It turns out to be ecstasy when I fall in love with words and we both combine forever....! ✨

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  • bhagyashree17 3w

    A piece of me still belongs to you ,in your memories and sweetheart that's makes a piece of my heart still beat for you.

  • bhagyashree17 10w

    Socha tha apna hoga koi ,
    Apni raahon me chalte tera saath mil gaya ,
    Ab jab aapne haath pakda toh phulon ki tarah,
    Aapke baahon me beshumar mohabbat khil gaya.

  • bhagyashree17 10w

    Some thoughts that we never want is related to situations we have gone through , most of the time I get triggered from the past even though everything has healed. You need not distract yourself. Think keep thinking and keep on thinking till those thoughts end itself in your mind. You need to embrace your thoughts cuz that's what make you and your nature. Face your fears and then jot down all those unwanted thoughts and simply tear them or burn them but accept & let go.

  • bhagyashree17 10w

    Self love is important! You need to find yourself Everytime in good or bad Appreciate #selflove #motivation #spreadinghappiness #writersnetwork #sadquotes #brokenquotes #happiness #lovequotes #mirakee

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    You are dying inside yet living outside , you are a loner within yet a company to many ,can you take the time to appreciate yourself that how much you sacrifice yourself to others?! Like a genuine request.

  • bhagyashree17 10w

    Heyyy! Ever felt like you have so much yet nothing to make you happy? Hey you gotta one life what about that!!
    #happyquotes #motivation #happiness #hope #brokenquotes #lovequotes

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    Life is full of nothingness and you can't deny that you willingly keep going to bring something to your absolutely nothing , and that's called Hope :)

  • bhagyashree17 12w

    Love & confusion

    I can smile with you and dance with you still hold on to my shell,
    I can get very close to you yet far from you ,oh well.
    My heart's ruined with love and confusion,
    Been heartbroken and always came out out of delusion ,
    You know this is the matter of trust ,
    Being loving all the time is just a spec of dust ,
    You need to dig deep in my mind ,
    Where I have been deaf and where I have been blind.
    You want the entire sand of me in your hand ,
    But that is tiny yet so covers the entire land .
    I am scattered to each corner of the dessert ,
    Wish I could ever tell you how I have been hurt.
    You understand everything yeah you get me ,
    But truth isn't one side of the coin another is trust setting connection free.
    My heart's ruined with love and confusion ,
    All I want is your heart and mind with mine in infusion.

  • bhagyashree17 35w

    Sushant you gonna be truly missed...��
    14th June 2020 worst date ever ����
    #rip #brokenquotes #qotd #lifequotes #writersnetwork #crying #mirakee

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    He was in chaos and left with all silence and kept so many hearts mourning till now.

  • bhagyashree17 37w

    I wish your heart could feel that love is something that shouldn't be mistaken with attention.

  • bhagyashree17 44w

    #writersnetwork #poem #quoteoftheday #poemoftheday #iheard #mirakee
    Quarantine made me poetic buddiessss ��

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    What lessons did I learn ?

    I heard 'em saying ,
    You have changed ,
    To be loved by few and hated by many ,
    My tired soul is drenched.
    They heard me saying ,
    I don't care anything ,
    Even darkest of mine won't utter ,
    Yes ,silence speaks louder.
    I heard my Angels saying
    Good girl you being bad to be good ,
    Strange change but I am fine with it,
    Ain't got time to be treated by their mood.
    I heard my mom saying ,
    It's good to be sharp mouthed and truthful,
    So lying doesn't pay you anything,
    Being in right way is fruitful.
    I heard my dad saying ,
    Keep patience in your heart,
    Let them keep guessing what's going on,
    Being mysterious is interesting and smart.
    I heard my love saying ,
    Don't lose yourself for others ,
    Trust me you are beautiful just the way you are,
    Be kind and take nothing that bothers.
    I heard my cousin saying ,
    We both are soul sisters ,
    Gonna make it that way ,
    Where we get our best misters.

  • bhagyashree17 44w

    How does it feel guys ?
    It's not just she even he must have been in this situation.
    I just wrote she relating to my situation.
    Do let me know your favorite line :) and why ....!?
    #mirakee #quoteoftheday #qotd #brokenquotes #lovequotes #lifequotes #heartbroken #pain #writersnetwork ❤️

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    How does it feel?

    How does it feel ?
    When heart goes cold ,
    When she used to be sweet ,
    Happy , courageous and bold.

    How does it feel ?
    When she left remorse,
    In the shallow depth ,
    Of her deeper course .

    How does it feel?
    When she was all done ,
    When the moon cried within her ,
    And shine less sun.

    How does it feel ?
    When those night stars ,
    Can see her weeping ,
    With the stinge and scars.

    How does it feel ?
    When you turn everything to nightmare,
    Was the same night ,
    Which they used her to share.

    If you ever walked in the doors worse,
    When you were all good back then ,
    How does it feel to make it a curse ?
    When she had to walk with stabbed ten.