like everyone, but dont hate yourself

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  • bhatrajat 7w

    Inner voices

    Talk to the voices coming from inside you and explain to them that if we work together, then the problems in life will change into energy, after that you will be able to use this energy with it's full potential for your today and tomorrow and your whole life.your inner voices will guide you for every little thing if you make them your friend.

  • bhatrajat 7w


    All your dreams do not go anywhere, just sometimes you stop giving them importance, those dreams are yours since you saw them and those dreams will come back to you on that day when you believe in yourself and show them that you now deserve them.

  • bhatrajat 10w

    The smell of wet soil reminds us,
    Nature is beautiful for the blinds too..
    The view of the thunderstorm reminds us,
    Nature is beautiful for the deafs too..
    The sounds of lightning in clouds reminds us,
    Nature is beautiful for the anosmia's too..

  • bhatrajat 10w

    Isn't it sad when even your own family doesn't really know who you are.

  • bhatrajat 10w

    मेरी डायरी

    एक एक पन्ना इसका गौर से पड़ना ...
    मेरी जिंदगी का हर लम्हा ये तुम्हे दिखाएगी ।

  • bhatrajat 12w


    Takes the soul of the addict
    And make them dead alive.

  • bhatrajat 16w

    मैंने तो पूरे दिल से बुराइयां की थी तुम्हारी
    फिर भी लोग सुनकर तालियां बजाने लगे ।

  • bhatrajat 16w

    Would you like you, if you met you ?

  • bhatrajat 16w

    Wo log Jo tumhe jaante hai kehte hai tumhara dimaag bahut chalta hai ...
    Itne arso s tumhare saath baithe hai ..tumhare dil ko todkar

  • bhatrajat 22w

    "I will always be there for you" they said..,
    Then they left