paradise Kashmir Man with some madd skills...!?

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  • bhatyasir143 23w

    I May look mature but deep down
    I steal chips from little kids ☹️☹️


  • bhatyasir143 25w

    Actually the mentioned verbs are required to build a well relationship and these verbs are building blocks of a sound relationship ..?!?

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    Priority , Preference , Trust , Care
    are some verbs in a sound AND dedicated relationship

  • bhatyasir143 25w

    Eid mubarak

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    ALMIGHTY. Accept our good deeds & acts of sacrifice. Wipe away our sins & forgive our shortcomings on this Day of Sacrifice. Grant us patience as we face a different world due to the pandemic. Only You know what lies ahead. Keep our hearts light as we entrust our affairs to You!

  • bhatyasir143 27w

    Choosing a person with materialistic achievements doesn't give you a
    guarantee of a joyous life ..
    Choosing a person with an idealistic approach does.... !

  • bhatyasir143 36w

    فَبِأَيِّ آلاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ.(القرآن)

  • bhatyasir143 36w

    Find a humsafar who makes you
    less safar ....!
    Aur mjhe wo hamsafar mil gya...

  • bhatyasir143 37w

    Ab ki bar jo javoge to kbhi mujhe na pavoge

    Tadap hum hi jayenge mgr tumko b tadpayenge

    Kbhi lout na aayenge chahe umer bar pashtayenge

    Lout jayenge apni duniya mai tumhe apni duniya na banayenge

    Door se kbhi dekha jo tumko to apni palke jukayenge

    Sabr ka daman pakad kr ab itna chal jayenge tum dondte reh javoge lkn hum nazar na aayenge.
    written by #MAHI
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  • bhatyasir143 38w

    Telling Your Girl How Important she is to You and actually showing it to her is one of the best things you can do for her.

    ©bhatyasir sahiba

  • bhatyasir143 39w

    Kabi stressed kabi depressed
    But sehri has my Stomach blessed

  • bhatyasir143 40w

    Sometimes you just have to
    unfollow some people in real life |
    Sometimes ....!
    (I'm sorry)