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  • bhavyaaa 2d

    Before you know it, you become too much at home in places away from home. Often irreversibly. But probably you need times away from home to really decide where your heart is, what your mind is capable of and who is the real you. The 'You' that doesn't merge into anyone else's identity. The undirected you, the unabashed you. The you that cares about things selectively and does not think or act in ways that are expected by any external entity. The you without layers built for acceptance.
    You find yourself when you're the most unsheltered.

  • bhavyaaa 5d

    What is visible is bought.
    What is concealed is sought.

  • bhavyaaa 5d

    Probably you can stay the happiest around someone who recognises your humanness and absolutely resigns to it. Someone who doesn’t expect you to put up a godly disposition to accommodate them or others in general. Someone who knows what enrages you and understands why it bothers you at all. Someone who doesn’t define you in any way and calmly sees you growing into an entirely different person with the passage of time, even if you grow in directions that were not quite foreseen by them. Someone who respects the phases of your life spent without them, without knowing them, with other figures in your life who have contributed to who you are. Someone who stays unhurt when you’re going through a rough patch and are not in control of your emotions, words or actions. Someone who sees the best side of you and cherishes it more than the edges of you that still need some polishing. Someone who doesn’t build a pseudo sense of authority by ‘allowing’ you to be a certain way, knowing that you will ultimately be whoever you wish to be, with and without their approval. Someone who really sees you as worth spending a lifetime with but does not make you uncomfortable in their willingness to be with you. Someone who shows belongingness but knows when to let loose and smilingly wishes you farewell when you wish to step out of your current life and take a leap of faith on your dreams. Someone who says, “Go, surprise me with a new you! But also remember, you can always come back to me for love, rest and peace if life wears you out.”
    Togetherness requires a lot of sacrifice, compromise and patience. Remember to be this person for someone before you deem yourself worthy of someone else’s sacrifices.

  • bhavyaaa 1w

    It's Kautuk here. There had to be some writing in this card otherwise you'd think that siddhi is the only one with talent in this relationship. Now, there's nothing I could write about love and marriage that hasn't already been written. Instead let me tell you how I got to be writing in a wedding card in the first place.
    You see, when I told friends I was getting married, a lot of them asked me with genuine confusion: ' How did you know that you wanted to get married?' This is quite a millennial question. It's only our generation that's looking for serious, introspective and personal reasons to get married. Generations before us were happy with reasons like : ' Because our parents said so' or, ' I turned 10 yesterday so, of course, I'm getting married.'
    But it is an interesting question. It makes one pause and ponder about this big business of marriage. So when did I know that i wanted to get married to Siddhi? The truth is, there isn't one moment. You know it slowly - if you're lucky and paying attention. You know it when you realise that your similarities and differences complement each other. You know it when you never run out of things to talk about. You know it becuse she's your muse, your confidant and your best friend, the first phone call in the day and the last at night, the person with whom you can be yourself and yet for whom you always want to be better.
    Love is a sneaky teacher. It only teaches you when to get married but doesn't tell you what marriage is. Is it two lives becoming one?
    Is it just the climax of every romantic movie? Is it two people forever locked in a debate about what to watch on netflix? Whatever it is, Siddhi and I are soon going to find out and we're so glad you're with us to witness every last phera.
    -Kautuk Srivastava

  • bhavyaaa 2w

    Does love really happen beyond looks?

    I guess love only happens beyond looks. I don't think there's much effort in loving someone you find beautiful on the outside. It is an instant and skin deep attraction. It is nothing much on the intellectual or spiritual level.
    Who says love is effortless? It is probably the most draining of tasks. It requires as much consistency as a difficult and unpredictable profession would. It is a daily transaction and more than anything, even if you chop yourself and garnish every cell of yours onto it - it is never absolute.
    You withdraw, love flies away.
    Beauty I guess, is only a translation of what a person says, an impression of what one does and probably a feeling one leaves you with everyday. Love is maybe just an umbrella term for a mixture of feelings that you feel over a period of time. It is necessary to wait until all masks, pretensions, impressive add- on personality traits are shed and insecurities shared. Beauty is always in the core, every precious thing always is.
    It is fine to be besotted but not without fair judgement. Don't get me wrong here, being judgemental is the last thing I espouse, but a fair amount of judgement is needed for self protection. In fact, we all judge each other every second of being together. There would have been nothing like a correction, advice, suggestion, criticism etc., had there been no judgement.
    I say, love with judgement! Love with caution but then do it selflessly, with an unwavering faith in it. Looks will unfold only once the veil of the body is removed.
    Meet the truth of the person.

  • bhavyaaa 2w


    Kisike liye raat ki mayoosi se raahat,
    Kisike liye nayi umeedon ki aahat.
    Kisike liye pakshiyon ki chehchahat.
    Kisike aangan par kirnon ki sajawat.

    Ek subha ke kitne rang hote hain,
    Socha hai kabhi?

    Raat ko sulaati hui,
    Pardon ki silwaton ko sataati hui,
    Khidkiyon se apna raasta churati hui,
    Fir meri nazron par girkar apni baahen failaati hui,

    Roz koi naya maksad lekar mere darwaze par aa jati hai,
    Aakhir roz subha kyun hoti hai?
    Socha hai kabhi?

    Jab andhere ka saaya dhoop se chhillta hai,
    Kaliyon ko jab uska sparsh milta hai,
    Har daali par khoobsurat sa phool khilta hai,
    Iski garmaish me har gum har ghaav silta hai.

    Jab niraash sa dil kehta hai bass ab aur nahi,
    Mujhe ek aur subha nahi dekhni,
    To bhi kyun hme uthane chali aati hai subha?
    Socha hai kabhi?

    Raat ke andhere me chhupte chhupaate,
    Duniya ke doosre chhor ka chakkar lagate,
    Thak haar jane valon ko sulaate sulaate ,
    Aur bade sapnon vaali aankhon ko jagaate jagate,

    Ye aajati hai hme kuch sikhaane,
    Zindagi ke musalsal chalte rehne ka raaz batane.

    Chhahe kaid ban chuki ho zindagi,
    Chhahe kisi ek puraane lamhe me jaa ruki ho zindagi,
    Chhahe zimmedaariyon ke bojh me jhuki ho zindagi,
    Ya khudke utaar chadhavon se khud hi dukhi ho zindagi,

    Ek subha to zaroor aati hai.
    Jis maa ke bache ne naya naya chalna seekha ho,
    Uss maa ki tarha hamen chalkar apne paas aane ko bulati hai.
    Hm kahin andheron me ulajhkar reh na jaen, bss isi baat se ghabraati hai.
    Ye subha,
    Roz ye subha toh zaroor aati hai.

  • bhavyaaa 2w

    A peep into what this lockdown did to me.

    Okay, so I don't think anyone cares and neither did anyone ask for this but i'm gonna put down a few decisions this lockdown has helped me take. Probably, you guys can also take some off this list and make 'em your own.
    1. I have taken a major break from instagram for it was the specific form of social media i was addicted to.
    2. Realised that the real power of maintaining stable happiness is vested inside Me.
    3. Realised that the dreams least spoken about are the one's you actually achieve. The journey needs no advertisement.
    4. Small schedules that we hate following are actually the only habits that keep us from going astray.
    5. All junk food is poisonous and if i love myself enough, i'd give that up. Right now.
    6. I have taken a one year goal (May2020-May2021) to restore my health and become healthy and beat this lethargy.
    7. Even if i am not currently on that stage of fully accepting and loving my own being, i have at least embarked on that journey. For the last few weeks i have tried to block every 'self-demeaning' thought as soon as it has popped up. I need to grow beyond myself to really be selfless in my work, love, family, friends, etc.
    8. I have always had amazingly supportive, accepting and caring friends and i would love to continue to have many. However, a fair level of detachment has developed, which i think is really important to have.
    9. No problem is really too big and nothing at all should disturb me to my core.
    11. Build a tendency to bounce back. Mistakes are only human.
    12. BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT IS ALREADY YOURS and act accordingly.
    13. Think big. Go for it.
    14. In the long run, home is all you need. The only place you can truly heal in, is your home. I do not mean the walls, i mean the people there. The faces you have and the faces you expect to see everyday. Their presence heals.
    15. Laugh off things! Life really is too fragile to burden with seriousness and sadness. Be light in your heart, mind and feet.
    16. Sensitivity and sensibility should be married in your head so that you constantly strike a balance between the two and avoid letting one get hurt and the other overpower.

    Yeah so, this is a promise to myself after having realised my privilege in these tragic times. In privilege, at least i can strive to be a better person, a better human and a better me. I might seem changed but maybe we all should feel so. Instead of "getting back" to our usual lives, we can really "go forward" into better lives once this is over.

  • bhavyaaa 2w

    We fool ourselves into believing that forevers are only as long as our lifetimes. Forevers are bigger, beyond our existences. A forever will exist, even when one of you is gone.

  • bhavyaaa 2w


    Grandma said, 'It will be tragic honey. Birth is a point of no return till death. The longer you stay with her the more pain you'll collect.
    This accretion of memories, layer by layer, day by day, will only leave you digging for the oldest ones when one of you is gone.
    'Forever' is a silly and impulsive promise. Lovers dying together is a rarity.
    We fool ourselves into believing that forevers are only as long as our lifetimes. Forevers are bigger, beyond our existences. A forever will exist, even when one of you is gone.
    When we fall in love, we fall into an inescapable dependence. Plain and simple. But no matter how tragic it is, somewhere, all of us want to belong to someone. Maybe, we're all just lazy in taking care of our hearts. We need help for it. Gradually that help becomes a demand, a service we expect from the other half. Don't do that ever. Love unselfishly. It'll be difficult but it is even worse to admit desperation.
    We're just on a long walk towards death. People will come easily, but this journey is not about that. It must teach you by the end of it all, that letting go is the biggest power.
    Just value someone who gives you time. However little it may be. Months, weeks, days, hours or even a few seconds. Don't expect anything longer than what they give willingly. Whatever you got was also their choice at the first place. You must be thankful.'

  • bhavyaaa 3w

    Remember a thing of two about life. Whatever will come, will eventually go. Life doesn't give you the privilege of a warning. You'll either have to make peace with the transience and mortality of everything and everyone you hold dear to your heart or you'll have to learn to rebuild your heart again and again if you wish to give it away to everything that enters your world.
    There is a beautiful tranquility in detachment and an ecstatic energy in attachment. The choice is yours. Neither is an absolute state of being. The sooner you learn to strike a balance the better.