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  • bhawna_the_author 5h

    I told him no one will accept our love, he didnt agree.
    I told him let's build our little home, he didnt act.
    I told him let's run away to our dreamland, he didnt move.
    I told him, your silence is killing, he still didnt speak.
    I told him let's break up and part our ways, he didn't defy.

    Years later when i asked him "Why?"
    He said, "you always complained that i never did anything what you said. So I acted on what you asked for".

  • bhawna_the_author 16h

    As a kid my room's ceiling was my sky;
    Which lit every night with my radium stars.
    Everyday I slept under the blanket of beautiful night;
    I would sleep thinking this is how nights are always.

    As I grew older, I realised nights are dark & lobnely.
    Stars are sometimes hidden over layers of pollution;
    Sometimes black clouds cover them;
    And then there are dark moonless nights.

    The child within me still believes in my sky.
    My sky which is full of stars and stories.
    And that, someday I will sleep under my stars.

  • bhawna_the_author 1w

    When it hits, you are shattered. Your world of dreams is flooded with tears.

    You are about to drown, just then, you find that tiny boat made of strength. You row it with the little left of you to reach the shore.

    Tired & despair, you lay at the harbour to recover.

    You are NOW READY.... to build your empire again, which YOU WILL.

  • bhawna_the_author 1w

    Some say they are valueless while others say they are priceless.

    Either ways emotions can never be quantified.

  • bhawna_the_author 1w

    My life was so full of you.

    Now that you left, the empty hours look at me with expecting eyes to fill them.
    And I, keep hiding behind my own eyes.

  • bhawna_the_author 5w

    Silent moments in love is comfort;
    Remaining silent when love is leaving is ego.

    Opting silence in petty argument is maturity;
    Staying silent against injustice is coward.

    Silently holding hands is care;
    Silent tears is deep rooted pain.

    Silently withdrawing for others happiness is strength;
    Opting silence in a moment of decision making is weakness.

    Holding silence in anger is control;
    Being silent when asked for truth is dishonesty.

    Silently praying is spiritual.
    So, not just words, choose your silence also wisely.

  • bhawna_the_author 5w

    While passing moon saw me staring at the sky, pretending to search something.

    It got closer and whispered, "it's okay, cry as much you want to, no one's watching now".

  • bhawna_the_author 5w

    She kept telling him of her dreams of their future: the small balcony, the little kitchen garden, the simple interiors, the Sunday plans - a life full of love.
    He kept listening and always silently smiled.

    When time came and
    he left her, she realised
    she couldn't even
    question him because
    "silence cannot be quoted".

  • bhawna_the_author 8w

    One balcony, One moon
    Two chairs, Two Hearts
    Endless conversations........

  • bhawna_the_author 8w

    All I wanted from all
    those fairy tales was
    a love, that would stay
    with me happily ever
    after...but I guess,
    that's a rare event.

    Instead, I should have
    wished for the palace,
    it would have been
    easier to get,
    especially with real
    estateprices crashing
    every now & then.