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  • bibinks 9w

    There were moments cursed in the past

    There are moments being cursed now

    There will of course be cursed moments in future too.

    Now don't ask me why life is essentially meaningless.

    You won't get an answer but a smile.


  • bibinks 13w

    Time , You Bastard!

    Oh time, what have you done to me.

    Formed me?

    Deformed I would say.

    Prepared me to fight?

    You really made me armless.

    Wrote me a couplet of love?

    I was drinking from the goblet of hatred.

    You feel I am ungrateful?

    That's what you made me, the lord of ungratefulness .

    How hard is to forget my past.

    A past untouched with this bloody civilization.

    I don't want to be that Budha with no feelings.

    Run back oh dear time.

    Run till you see me in the lap of my mother,

    Where I cry and smile genuinely,

    Where I sleep peacefully and live happily

    and never come back again

    Let the child in me never grow

    and let me never settle in this fake world.