be the one you wish to find in life love, time, death, pain, happiness.

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  • binaryocean 1d

    If your struggle means a ray of happiness somewhere in the world, don't give up. Trudge onto victory because it's worth it

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    Cold light and polarized glasses,
    The world was narrowing down.
    Dimming vision and inbound arrows,
    The tables had turned in spite.

    Limping, staggering, crawling,
    You sought a sanctuary in the carnage.
    Huffing and puffing in the hurt, alone,
    You fell on your knees, seeking an abode.

    Blood-stained pale skin and soot stained golden hair,
    Your physical self had admitted defeat long ago.
    Yet a will of iron and a morbid hope for happiness,
    Pushed you farther when the rest fell.

    The hourglass had run out, your sword snapped in half,
    Your armour of love had withered away.
    Fear and insecurity struck deep into the flesh,
    As you stared at defeat and death in the eye.

    But is your fight truly over?
    Can you guarantee the wellness of your loved ones?
    If not, pick up a dagger and fight back,
    Wipe away your tears and jab through fate.

    Get back up on your feet and rise again,
    If your struggle meant a greater joy.
    And when the sky turns orange and you're done,
    I'll be there to embrace you till eternity.


  • binaryocean 2d

    Let go and embrace these magical nights.

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    Feel the December air,
    Recreate the magic,
    Dissolve in your dreams.

    Seek respite from existence,
    Incinerate your regrets,
    In the healing kiss of the full moon.

    Let go of all that's trivial,
    Deprive yourselves of hate,
    Stop blaming fate.

    Open your eyes,
    Float, lighter than a snowflake,
    Lose yourself in the ethereal mist ,
    Bloom anew in approaching dawn.


  • binaryocean 3d

    The marching band is a group of people trying to bring about a positive change in a dystopian society, the one ours is heading back into

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    Silence of the Blades

    Eyes open, the marching band moves,
    Shuffling in a blank parade,
    Humanity has changed nevertheless,
    As the guillotine blade hung low.

    The trumpets failed to bring forth,
    The turtle doves of friendship within,
    Drumbeats muffled in a voluptuous swell,
    Love subdued in the radiation of judgement.

    Laughter and giggles snuffed out,
    Morbid dreams bloom in the chaos.
    The music stopped in a moment of self doubt,
    Revelations had pushed them to extremity,

    Marching past the battlefield of ego,
    Marching through the valley of hate,
    Marching down the alley of suffering,
    Marching by the deserted cemeteries.

    Christmas died a century ago,
    And Thanksgiving was a fairy tale.
    Responses gained in social media,
    Were worth their weight in gold.

    The rain of apathy failed to rejuvenate,
    The Earth, parched of love and care.
    Eruptions of anger and hurricanes of spite,
    Wreathed havoc, slaughtering the lambs.

    Eyes emptier than outer space,
    Honest emotions invoked curiousity.
    Smiles have been dead for long,
    The marching band burned in their own hopes.

    Liveries stained with the cardinal sins,
    The marching band fell prey to the world.
    As the guillotine worked in silence,
    Humanity tumbled into anarchy.

    Stains of time imprinted as rust,
    The music slowly left the instruments.
    The last bones that were left standing,
    Seemed to hum the melody as the blades fell again.


  • binaryocean 4d

    You'll never understand what you have lost unless you reach for it only to find oblivion.

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    Seconds cascading by,
    Minutes barely recognized,
    Instants deemed worthless,
    Humanity oozing happiness

    Confused in the hex of luxury,
    Blinded by the fake reality.
    The sands drip past in no haste,
    Unable to curtail its dreadful waste.

    Each blade of grass bounded,
    Depriving it of its green ambrosia.
    Draining dryads of youth and bliss,
    Coveting the allure hidden in nymphs.

    Each drop of blood victimized,
    It lays its paradoxical traps carefully.
    Waiting to feed on the dying innocence,
    To bring the demons confined within.

    Running amok in a frenzy,
    Devouring even meagre existence,
    Churning the sculptures of history,
    A deathly silence that hushes all.

    Gifted generously to all,
    Consumed sensibly by a handful.
    The misinterpreted gem wasted in agony,
    As humanity mocks at its own folly.

    Pulling apart pretentious lovers,
    Weaving true love together in stone.
    Cursed with extreme prejudice by the aging,
    Nonchalantly looked over by the young.

    Tick-tock goes the siren of chaos,
    Pushing apart continents and lives alike.
    A father watching his daughter bloom in love,
    Only to be ripped apart by the vile universe.

    An ocean in silence lay reaping peril,
    Whose deeds are blamed on fate without fail.
    Leading incandescent lives into a noyade,
    Reaving the multitude for wisps of breath.

    A conjuncture of all that's physical,
    Constricting souls in daily frustrations.
    Like a shaman holding the strings, invisible,
    Time is what binds the soul and the universe.

    Infiltrate to confound lives through death,
    It teaches us a lesson worthy to notice.
    Though we are wiped out by this foe,
    Love triumphs, unconditional, as it flows.

  • binaryocean 2w

    Don't take people for granted. This is just a request to spread love because we're already drowning in hate and apathy. Neither a work of art not an attempt at seeking attention. Please.....a lot of people need your help, stop turning a blind eye because if you're too late, endless regret awaits you.

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    A Cherry Blossom in December

    Shadows lingered in the morning sun,
    Music failed to thaw the sheer cold inside.
    As the guillotine of time hung low in the sky,
    Hope seemed to desert me like a false preacher.

    You were warmer than the summer rays,
    When you stormed into my life dressed in white.
    Pushing me past my horizon of detest,
    All for a stranger in the ocean midst.

    What did you see in me, I still wonder,
    For chaos and confusion ruled my world.
    The iron grip of unquenchable guilt reigns,
    And my sorry life should cease to exist.

    Questioning the very essence of your actions,
    I yearned to sink deeper within myself.
    Unabating in vigour, came a grip of love,
    You implored me to hear the laughter of the stars.

    My life in monochrome slowly gaining colour,
    I sat in silence unaware of your affection.
    Days became brighter and longer,
    As your love resonated within

    Whizzing in and out of my gaze in haste,
    The seasons seemed to make you paler.
    Yet the healing touch of the moonlight above,
    Bathed you in unquestionable smirk of joy.

    Christmas did come with crippling pain.
    As cancer separated me from your kiss.
    As your violin played its final song of love,
    Your cherry blossoms filled the evening sky.

    The hole within that you had sealed with your love,
    Shall remain as a reminder of your embrace.
    All you ever wanted was to be remembered,
    You'll forever be with me, never letting me go.

    The cherry blossoms the December brought that year,
    Would forever rage on inside me,
    And the love that was burned within,
    Will help me embrace the dark night.


  • binaryocean 2w

    These rain drops will continue to exist even after my presence has faded In the sands of time and will eventually wipe the slate clean until I merge with nothingness

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    Rain Drops

    These rain drops have seen everything.
    From ecstatic emotions to nothing.
    They saw through the pretentious growth,
    To reveal the hidden truth behind the loath.

    These rain drops patiently waited,
    For the living to let go of the dead.
    They waited for the waning sunlight,
    To give way to the scintillating starlight.

    These rain drops have penetrated the gaps.
    The cracks in flattering relationships.
    Brothers at arms against their kin,
    Death covering the battlefield with a grin.

    These rain drops will continue to flow.
    Flow till eternity to where I trudge slow.
    They flow through my senile reasons to bane,
    So that my attempts at redemption are not in vain.

  • binaryocean 3w

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    You don't deserve a tomorrow unless you work for it. It's not your birthright. It's a second chance to redeem your mistakes of today. Waste it and it will be the cause of your eternal failure.

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  • binaryocean 4w

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    This is one something that has so much meaning hidden deep inside. Please understand that you deserve happiness just like anyone in this world and your smile would brighten up so many lives. Let ho of the mixed emotions and be happy like you deserve to be.

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  • binaryocean 4w


    Wounded by the arrows of the world,
    I strayed in my own forest of hate,
    Desperately seeking a sanctuary from all,
    Huddling across the campfire I made,
    From all the false emotions hiding within.
    Straining for peek at the disgraced soldier,
    I saw a pair if eyes in the dark.
    No matter how much I shouted out,
    The eyes never left my side.
    Bandaged the wounds with love,
    The unexpected medic was determined to save me.
    Took me a while to realise the owner of those eyes,
    The very people I took for granted everyday.
    Yet they chose to trespass into my loneliness,
    And lend me the hand of revival.

  • binaryocean 5w