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  • binaryocean 3w

    Swaying to the likeness around me,
    So fragile that existence is exhausting,
    Threatened my the smallest of winds,
    Holding in the billions of broken pieces inside.

    Time never lets happiness survive,
    It slit it's throat in a rare moment of self doubt,
    And out flowed in crimson shades,
    My river of spite merged with the setting sun.

    Pouring red in all directions known,
    I let go of the bits of pain close to me,
    And out came my barren self, exposed,
    Uninteresting, despicable, relentless; plain old me.

    There you have it, the soul behind the ecstasy,
    The facade behind the fake illusions,
    But even in my dying moments I beg you,
    To remember the smile I gave you on a daily basis.

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    The Dandelion isn't beautiful,
    Just a fragile piece of existence.
    But it gives it all in its dying moment,
    Just to see your smiling face again.

  • binaryocean 5w

    @dead____ @the_nightingale @zuhaib_fayaz @arrish_7_capricorn @deflection319 @letswrite000 @dreambeliever

    Closely, tentatively observing each step,
    Just to pray for a misstep in the next.
    Greener than envy, overflowing with jealousy,
    You just need seconds to falsely confirm your delusions.

    You; the judge, the jury and the executioner,
    Countless souls quiver before you, horrified.
    Because the power you hold is so evil,
    That Lord Chaos himself bows before you.

    Bodies pile up beside you, endlessly,
    With your treasure trove, swelling with their souls.
    Your guillotine of prejudice is placed so low,
    That death is imminent once you judge.

    Short skirts, long beards, uncanny relations and much more,
    Nothing escapes your 'all-seeing-eyes'.
    From rumours of deceit to blatant truths,
    You make it your job to isolate the 'truth' from the 'lie'.

    You contort the reality quicker than milk curdles into curd.
    Falsehood easily wears the guise of truth before you.
    Seasons change, eras fade, empires fall; the world moves on,
    Yet you stand, resolute in destroying lives and dreams alike.

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    It makes you turn in your sleep,
    It's eyes never leave your side,
    It's words never ceases to sicken you,
    Escape is just a fairy tale.

  • binaryocean 5w

    @dead____ @the_nightingale @zuhaib_fayaz @arrish_7_capricorn @deflection319 @letswrite000

    Standing on the edge of tomorrow,
    Gazing into the endless yesterdays.
    With a face straining into reality,
    Hiding a frown that has been hidden for long.

    Pitter patter fell the rain on the sheets,
    With each drop falling slower than the last.
    The noise was strangely soothing,
    Yet the sorrow was unavoidably obvious.

    Each handshake seems to be a new chance,
    For a man replaying his past over and over again.
    Each hug, welcoming the new self,
    Only to be rejected by the undead former self.

    To dream was an amazing feat,
    The nightmares being his only ally.
    Tomorrow was beckoning quaintly,
    For today was all about yesterday after all.

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    Happy or sad,
    Ecstatic or depressed,
    Success or failure.
    Every emotion seemed to be poles apart.

  • binaryocean 6w

    Crushed, only to be revived again,
    Revived only to be crushed again.
    The cycle goes on endlessly,
    With agony disappearing in apathy.

    Submerging its songs in hate,
    Waiting for fate to change its cruel rules.
    Waiting for the rain to cry out in vain,
    So that the heavens itself can wipe my tears.

    Theory of relativity played by its own rules,
    As seconds differed none from years.
    The leaves fell no longer as the time froze,
    My heart was embedded in my amber of tears.

    It still didn't feel a thing,
    For feelings were beyond what it felt,
    Desperation, hate, pain and propaganda,
    It all went away hand in hand with my emotions.

    Someday it might break free,
    And if you listen closely when it finally does,
    When I separate myself from my soul,
    You just might hear the symphony of my heart.

    Might just be beautiful......


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    Symphony of the heart


  • binaryocean 8w

    @dead____ @the_nightingale @zuhaib_fayaz @arrish_7_capricorn @deflection319 @letswrite000

    Phlegmatic, despite the crushing weight,
    It resided beneath everything without complain.
    All day it sits alone in the stagnant air,
    With none giving it a second glance.
    But at night when the evening heat sets in,
    The blades of the fan hurry in an attempt to cool existence.

    And when all is silent and the moon is sleeping,
    The tablecloth wails in agony.
    For the burden it carries left its self dilapidated,
    And no one bothered to ask it where it hurts.
    The cycle goes on; it silently hurts in the daylight,
    And it's screams of pain unheard even by the saints.

    There exists certain strange creatures in your life,
    That acts foolishly like the table cloth.
    Smiling away to give you a breather in this world,
    Pushing aside their heartbreak for the lonely night.
    So often we forget their presence in our lives,
    Yet they cry in the dark to brighten our tomorrow.

    This was a bit of an out of the box thinking and a lot of you people might not agree. Have an amazing day

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  • binaryocean 9w

    @dead____ @the_nightingale @zuhaib_fayaz @arrish_7_capricorn @deflection319

    Feeling alone again, aren't we?
    Running all alone in the shadows,
    Chasing after fleeting apparitions called friends.
    Come inside,
    Let it go,
    Talk to me.

    Another hard day at life, huh?
    Tripping over the same old stones,
    Sinking deep trying to escape the harsh reality.
    Clear your head,
    Let it be,
    Talk to me.

    The familiar pains are poking out again, aren't they?
    All the muffled screams you hold inside,
    Just waiting to break down on a shoulder.
    Take a breath,
    Let it slide,
    Come talk to me.

    Another heart break so soon?
    I can see your soul leaking through your cracks,
    Your humanity trying to reach out into the light.
    I can see all this as we are the same,
    And you'll never be alone as long as I'm here,
    So let it out and talk to me

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    Talk to me


  • binaryocean 10w

    @dead____ @zuhaib_fayaz @satyampandey @dreambeliever @deflection319 @arrish_7_capricorn
    Thank you for your support guys.

    Once, on a Spring evening, I sang a song,
    The cherry blossoms were in full bloom,
    And it was all about them.
    The crowd loved it and danced to it,
    And my parents lifted me up in pride.
    My friends huddled around me and I was happy.

    Once, on a Summer evening, I sang a song.
    The trees wilted in the burning sun,
    And it was all about them.
    The crowd seemed interested but didn't applaud,
    And my parents seemed to be having a fight.
    My friends were less in number and I was silent.

    Once, on an Autumn evening, I sang a song.
    The leaves were dying and withering away,
    And it was all about them.
    The crowd wasn't interested and shoved me away,
    And only my mom was by my side then.
    My friends had abandoned me and I was sad.

    Once, on a Winter evening, I sang a song.
    The trees were frozen, alone and depressed,
    And it was all about them.
    No one listened because it was morbid,
    And I was all by myself in the cold.
    With a blade in hand I walked the streets,
    Certain that I wouldn't sing again.

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  • binaryocean 10w

    Why do we distort the distortions?
    Why do we enhance the illusions?
    If reality is truly what we perceive,
    Why do we darken our alleyways?

    Childish innocence lost in abuse,
    Youthful vigour fallen prey to despair,
    Bleak middle ages drowned in monotony,
    Despised old age forgotten in seclusion.

    Empty words resonating baseless resolve,
    Harsh truths coated in sweet falsehood,
    The halo of eternal foreboding glowing bright,
    The illusions have contorted us all.

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    Contorted Illusions


  • binaryocean 14w

    Just because you're in shambles doesn't mean that you can't get back up. Fight back but by bit, sprout new leaves and grow on the very entity that broke you.

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    Festering on the remnants of civilizations,
    Roots that tear trough the mightiest of walls.
    Tiny leaves that convert poison into sustenance.
    They are the living proof of the undying hope.

    A spot of greenery amidst the chaos,
    Surviving against the slimmest of odds.
    Pulsating it's existence vehemently,
    Refusing to bow down to the grim reaper.

    We all have our fallen castles of the past,
    Lost dreams and fallen kingdoms.
    Turn yourself into tiny havens of life,
    Rise again from the debris of defeat.


  • binaryocean 18w

    It doesn't matter how different you are from the rest, you are born to define greatness. You might feel like an outcast but like the arrow, fight against the dark night and rise to greatness in you flames of victory.

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    Unsure of its existence, the odd arrow huddled in a corner.
    Its companions had sharp tips and slender bodies,
    While it had an odd tip with a bleak self.
    The others were drawn in quick succession,
    While it seemed to be deemed worthless by all.
    Detesting its own existence, branding itself a mistake,
    The night approached, to the disdain of the warriors.
    The cloak of darkness had masked all,
    As visibility diminished with each fleeting second.
    The trebuchets rained death from above,
    Defeat loomed large on the horizon.
    The arrows in the quiver quivered uneasily,
    For they no longer struck true to their aim.
    The black sheep felt a tug, and it was drawn out,
    Surprise shook everyone for they pondered at this endeavour.
    A spark kissed its tip; it was set ablaze.
    Like a firefly, it's bathed the battalion in warm hope.
    Shot to the greatest of heights, swiftly,
    It rebelled against dying light, confounding the enemy.
    The fortress of the enemy came in sight,
    But the malevolent winds had knocked out its flame.
    Accepting its defeat, the arrow glided in dismay,
    As it peacefully fell into a well of saltpetre.
    With it's dying gasp, it poured out the last spark,
    And lit the night sky in brilliant flames of victory.
    The war was won; the arrow was forgotten
    It did not matter, for it had won its own war.