l@v liberty, wanna live every single moment, & creating own world by writing what I feel for ;hates to be reminded the past life,,

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  • biripinia 10w


    Its relief to face the truth eventhough you won't be liking it but trust me Express epand self as more as possible u won't be going true illusion instead gonna push self from the way from where u meant to pass confession to the done you gonna gain peace let's lighter self responsibility abandoning these wrong desires or hope...let face the truth..

  • biripinia 12w

    These days I'am depressed,,feeling like something is bad ,all I feel is only pain I just want to pick self up but life is filled with discomfort.

  • biripinia 13w

    I need somebody at my worst "but I still have no one who can show me my path,"I thought friends could be the first who's going to collaborate with and comfort,,but I was mistaken iam still here needing for someone at my worst ,,so I need somebody at my worst!!to level up my worth.

  • biripinia 13w


    I looked with full of tears in hope of getting a bit of glance from you, but you passed forward like there's no one ,I wanted to stop you but my tongue startled, my heart was aching ,I was falling apart than my soul was sickening coz I was loosing you by my side ,I just kept on staring at you with filled tear hoping on and on that you gonna see me .

  • biripinia 13w

    Weeping wicked

    Millions of thoughts in mind ,searching for answer, darkness has grounded over here, scared deepdown, tears keeps dropping like rain thrills,slightly moving a bit in search of helping hand but there's empty space overall.

  • biripinia 13w

    I pretend like not to care and I found out that they really doesn't care of me!! It hurts alot.

  • biripinia 13w

    Life process.

    In this world many comes and many goes ;some curves for a bit of happiness and some doesn't care about anything;some are in living in paradise and some are living hellish, there's different phase overall and its upto to people who are facing what and how they deal with .some are capable and some fails some keeps of trying that's the paths of our life process goes.

  • biripinia 13w

    "Not so far but not so close either !!living a lasting life but like a dead corpse,wants change's but changes changed what you really are feeling like came across alot but there's miles to go again, fact cant be denied by us but just to believe.

  • biripinia 14w


    "still know my value even though I don't have you"gonna be just fine without you,,

  • biripinia 14w

    Finally I have learned not to turn back after moving on and I am really glad I can do this too and iam doing it without any regrets. It's like yeah I can be something too and iam really glad.