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  • bktshering 5w

    It Amuses Me

    It really amuses me
    To check children's book.
    Reading line by line
    Through sentences nook.
    Some tickles me
    Deep down to the heart.
    Brings great smiles
    Never letting to part.
    Some reminds me
    Of doctor's prescription.
    Tires my eyes
    Can't get the description.
    Many amazes me
    With their fine prints.
    Captures my mood
    Success it hints.
    A few annoys me
    With their scribble.
    Can't get a thing
    The letters dribble.
    But it's always fun
    To assess their book.
    That's the beauty of work
    All teacher needs to look.

    © Tshering Wangchuk

  • bktshering 6w

    Never Get Too Deep

    Never let your feelings get too deep,
    For the feelings won't wake, they sleep.

    Never let your wings take you too high,
    If you accidentally fall, you're sure to die.

    Never sow your seeds too deep in the soil,
    They won't sprout, it's wastage of your toil.

    Never trust people blindly, be attentive,
    For people change, their feelings tentative.

    © Tshering Wangchuk

  • bktshering 7w


    The degree of pain varies,
    And also the signs it carries.
    Some pain tickles you to laugh,
    Depicting emotions only half.
    Some lets you show frowny face,
    But deep inside, it's not the case.
    Face and body gestures may fake,
    But those innocent eyes can't make.
    They replicate the truth in tears,
    Explanation so faint to the ears.
    The vocal cords get knotted,
    Blocking the passage allotted.
    Explaining with recurrent sobbing,
    Is like stopping the heart's throbbing.

    © Tshering Wangchuk

  • bktshering 7w

    Memories Last Forever

    Humans perish but their memories dwell,
    Like prisoners serving forever in a cell.
    Memories do not suffer death or fade,
    But in minds, stronger they are made.

    Every soul has a bank of memories,
    Narrating them would take centuries.
    They are preserved safely in the mind,
    To be recollected when emotions remind.

    Memories are precious, let it be hoarded,
    When life ages, their values gets rewarded.
    When young and alive, create memories,
    For old heart needs to treasure the stories.

    Best memories are often sweet and sour,
    The varieties let memories gain its power.
    Sweet memories livens your dull life,
    But the sour teaches the beauty to thrive.


  • bktshering 10w

    Human desires

    Sitting on a pristine ground,
    Listening to the nature's sound.
    I watch over the mountain range,
    A thought engulfs me, felt strange.
    I look around, I am surrounded,
    By mountains, I am bounded.
    What's there beyond those mountains?
    Will I see beautiful places with fountains?
    My mind pregnanted with curiosity,
    Wanted to explore with my full velocity.
    Took the challenge to decode,
    On feet and energy, I rode.
    Crossed a mountain or two,
    Yet questions without a clue.
    Further travelled over more,
    Feet strated to show sore.
    I'm still in the middle bounded,
    With the mountains surrounded.
    Knew for sure, desires are endless,
    Like the mountains, numberless.
    Cross a mountain, encounter another,
    A fulfilled desire invites the other.

    © bktshering

  • bktshering 11w

    The secret of a poet lies between,
    The murky dusk and the vivacious dawn.
    That is the time his mind is clean,
    And the inspirations are easily drawn.

    © bktshering

  • bktshering 13w

    What is the use

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    What is the use of watering your flowers,
    When the nature pours down its showers.
    What's the use of acquiring knowledge,
    If you are unconscious of its true linkage.


  • bktshering 14w


    Toughest iron passes the toughest wrath of fire,
    The phoenix gets burned and rises from its pyre.
    The diamond is not easily found or formed,
    but by defeating the valconic heat, it gets transformed.


  • bktshering 14w

    God is fair

    God is fair, knows no favouritism,
    Makes a world perfect with altruism.
    Every individual is gifted in their own ways,
    It's left for them to open on their own days.
    Some recognize and locate it very fast,
    But some fail to open, they wait at last.


  • bktshering 14w

    If War is a Devil's action,
    Peace be the God's reaction.

    © bktshering