Sometimes I Disappear To Clear My Head Please Dont Take It Personal.... ❤

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  • black_pearl_ 1d

    I got My Flaws My Regret My downfall I Don't see Anyone to Fix That I m Gonna make myself a Better Version For A Better Tomorrow.����

    @rusha_c madam .....��

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    I Am Glad I Have Noticed My Bad
    Habits And Toxic Traits in My Character
    And I Am Working on Fixing Them
    Instead Of Thinking
    ""That's Just The Way I m""....that's

  • black_pearl_ 2d

    I never Feel I get Ignore Because I m Always Focus On myself How to make myself better version :)

    @rusha_c thank you madam. �� For Your Constant Support. ��

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    If You Are Feeling you
    Are Getting Ignore By Them.
    Its Because They are Busy
    With Their Life, Once You Stop
    Feeling That You are Busy
    With Yours. (^-^)

  • black_pearl_ 3d

    Everytime I try to bee Cold it's Getting More Warmer
    Everytime I try Trust Someone They All Show Why Shouldn't i.��

    @rusha_c madam....��

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    And Someone Said.....
    ""You Are Stone Hearted""

    Trust Me Darling,
    ""Some Individuals Broke It Too.""

  • black_pearl_ 4d

    @rusha_c madam Have a look. ��

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    I Am Actually Worried
    That Nobody Will Ever
    Fall In Love With Me.❤

  • black_pearl_ 5d

    Just an Old Post I Had Did 75 weeks ago.��
    Maintained My Personality Really Well.��

    @rusha_c old he have a look (^-^)

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    How Normal People Express Their Love,
    "" I LOVE YOU ""

    How I Express My Love,
    ""Stay As Far As You Can From Me""

  • black_pearl_ 1w

    "hey Mehul, You are my Favourite One beta, i miss you soo much every second ...but from here i can see everything how u grow up n how well you take care of your sister....i can also see how good you are just not there with u with my body, but my soul is with you always, and whenever you cry, i embrace u n pat you, until now, you sleep in my laps only. i cant feed you wth my own hands,so im requesting you to eat yourself beta.....please make mumma sorry for leaving you....but your mumma loves you a lot....even if fate seperated us, ill be with u, in your heart, your words, your breath....n thanks for the moms day wishes...i got them...blessings to you my baby....and i cant see you crying...please dont cry....its your smile that brings smile on my dont loose it...i still remember the day you came into this world,pink and beautiful and small....i felt really happy for giving birth to you, i love u mehul, be moms boy.

    Even if no one is around , ill be there, watching tv with you, seeing you smile when u win a game and rubbing your hair when u sleep...even if god took me away, i wanna be alive in your smile.....please lemme be there ...lemme live in your smile...promise me, u gonna be a momma's boy, strong n sweet no matter what...n dont loose that damn smile ever.... I LOVE U A LOT BETA, your mumma always does...please forgive me for leaving...but i promise, im alive in your words, thoughts n that kind heart....sending hugs n kisses.....BE STRONG BETA

    Dont cry...i will see you soon....byeeee from you mumma..your Everything.��

    I will come to u As ur Daughter, shower Your love Then.
    Take care Beta Eat On time.��������

    @rusha_c long and boring may be but Have a Look (^-^)

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  • black_pearl_ 1w

    @rusha_c thank u for always helping Me Though Out of my All post Correcting grammar Editing post Etc etc.
    Thank u so much for always.... �� My Chu chu Send you Positive wishes daily. ����

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    If You.. ❤

    If You Want The Moon, Do Not Hide From Night.
    If You Want A Rose, Do Not Run From The Thorns.
    If You Want to Love, Do Not Hide From Yourself. ❤

  • black_pearl_ 1w

    The Only Line which Bring the Best in Me is
    ""The World Is Against Me Or It Wouldn't Be a Fair Match"
    The Pride is Me I m The Pride.... ��

    @vandi123 thank u madam for idea I was blank these days {^-^}

    @rusha_c Have a Look Madam.... ��

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    I Never Feel I Will be Defeated Or
    Give Up So Easily, Because My
    Three Best Friends Always Got My Back.


  • black_pearl_ 1w

    @marcy10 Thank You For Inspiring Dedicated To You

    I Love Lonely People More than Popular Ones.

    @rusha_c have a look..... ❤

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    Friend. ❤

    If You My Friend You Know I Don't Count
    Favors. If I Got it I will Give It To You.
    That's Just Part Of My Loyalty. ❤❤

  • black_pearl_ 2w

    ������ savage me ����

    @rusha_c kya lagta ����

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    Pessimist :- I Am Ugly And Everyone Hates Me.

    Optimist :- Everyone Knows Me Hell I am FAMOUSSSS!!!!