#Caution:-You Might Get Addicted To Me �� #Warning:-I Have An Attitude And I know How To Use It. ✨

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  • black_pearl_ 3d

    Me Losing Respect For You is worst than being mad at you right ma :)

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    If You Hurt Me.........
    My Therapy Is Different
    I Don't Like To Fight and Ruin My
    Own Peace of Mind.....
    I Just Get Silence and Ignore like
    You have No Existence.... ✨

  • black_pearl_ 2w

    I don't remember my Height last Time I checked it was this 2 years ago

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    My Height ""5.3""
    My Attitude ""7.3""

  • black_pearl_ 2w

    One of My Favorite Lyric Of Charlie Puth ������

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    Giving Up....

    Sometimes I feel Like
    Giving Up But
    That Isn't In My Blood...

  • black_pearl_ 3w

    Exactly me :)

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    Having A 5 year old Baby Heart...❤
    And 90 year old brain With Jerk Attitude....
    Dangerous combination.....

  • black_pearl_ 4w

    Plz Guys
    Don't Take Revenge Or avenge anyone if someone rejects You everyone has their rights to make choices and you boys have to choose between boy 1 and boy 2 :)
    I choose one ������ still single af ��������
    I know its long no one will read but if any one guy reads this then man my effort haven't gone waste :)

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    Dear Boys Plz Read This. :)

    A Boy Used To Like a Girl.....
    Boy one day decided To Propose That Girl
    So he was On the way :)

    Boy :- I Love You. Will You Marry Me and Be My Wife....✨

    Girl :-No I cant Love You and I dont want to Love Someone Like You....

    Boy :- Smiled and Walk Away From There

    Other Boy Came And Ask Aint You sad that She Rejected You?

    Boy :- No, Brother I am not Sad At All :)

    Boy 2 :- Really If I would be on your Place I would avenge her Or Make her Sad she has no rights to make me upset...

    Boy 1 :- Nah Its Wrong Bro....
    She rejected me Because She doesnt love me and she Lost Someone Who Loves Her Truely and I lost Someone Who doesn't Love me :) So why should avenge her? Everyone has their right to choose people. Is It My loss Or Her? May be god decided best for me and Better for her :)

    Boy 2 :- Hats off to Your Thinking :)

    Choose Your Thinking......

  • black_pearl_ 5w

    Oh Plz I m a kind Guy That Doesn't Mean I can't be Bad ���� Dont Give me a Chance to show how Cold This Heart Can Be ��

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    Dont Play With This Kiddotic heart
    Its Just Takes 0.5 Second to Be The
    Most Ferocious Bitchy Guy On Earth.

  • black_pearl_ 6w

    Sorry :D

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    Sorry If I Act Like
    I dont Need anyone :D
    Its because I Gone Through
    my worst Time Alone Baby ;)

  • black_pearl_ 6w

    Leave... ❤

    People Think I became Cold
    Hearted and Heartless The Truth Is
    I m Just Stressed and Lost my Mind
    Watching people leaving plz take it easy
    Its not The Same as It Looks :)

  • black_pearl_ 7w


    I am A Very Private Person...
    I Won't Tell Anyone Anything
    Even If You Ask Me What's the
    Problem Mind Your Business....

  • black_pearl_ 9w

    If Lose Me As Your Friend Or Any Relation ��

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    If We Lose Each Other As
    Friends and Stop Talking.
    Your secrets Will be Safe With Me. Your
    Insecurities Wont Be Used Against You &
    Our Secrets Will Be OUR Secrets.