freak this side so maintain a suffucient distance !

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  • black_truth 13w

    Let me write my inner-peace
    Otherwise it would burn myself

  • black_truth 13w


    We know everything since beginning
    And still we act like unknown

  • black_truth 14w

    Lemme take my 1000mg fucking tablet
    Otherwise this pain would fuck my "bitch-heart" Again

  • black_truth 14w

    Life is a fucking bitch
    Don't let it to take your
    Decisions .

  • black_truth 14w

    Life without clarity
    Called as unclear life

  • black_truth 14w

    Runinn maay life through hell
    Cz You ringed my soul once
    And now its out of sell ...

  • black_truth 14w

    Repeating that song
    Many times a day , ahmm !
    You are still alive ,oh my......
    I gott go no options ,dick !
    Back to room , i poured
    That shit in thirsty glass
    Lemme hit again in my ,ahhh h !
    No life no life , cauze m heartless

  • black_truth 14w

    Respected People

    Left and right my fucking
    Face will now decide
    You , I'm nat yet even tried ! Ahh
    Come to my shopyy
    I'll give a fuckinn toffee ,uh !
    Cz I'm not even ready to die, oh shit !

  • black_truth 14w


    Taking to my attention
    To that fucking face hey !
    I'm nat see you babe
    No no see you U babe Nymore !

    U mash with runnig world
    It seize me like b'day cake ,hey !
    I'm not givinn U my lollipop
    Takinn to others people
    Who were & they yet a
    Fucking face ! .

  • black_truth 14w

    Understand it ?

    {{Woooo ohh hmmmmm mm oh
    Naaaaa na na naa naa .....}}

    They asked what is this ,you wrote
    I said "bitch ,have you ever hear about bullshits of heart "
    It happens sometimes with me
    When situation bcm out of my control..