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  • blackartpoetry 2d

    After breaking you, I too disintegrated;
    there were days I was hopeful we'd be together again,
    On days I tore myself up;
    Let remorse & regret eat my energy till I slomp to the ground lifelessly,
    In the pain I wished you were doing better than I was:
    I hoped you were taking care of yourself,
    because you came first, even to me.
    Sole reason I was beating myself up,
    My eyes were now used to dripping tears
    I deserved it, you are golden;
    I am paper thin in love with you.

  • blackartpoetry 3d

    Your silhouette looks better than sunset,
    Your eyes better than sunrise;
    Your smile better the sight of the ocean
    Your voice better than any sound I've heard in my life.
    I wish I was vibing, except I'm not
    I know you are beautiful in every possible way:
    Even the impossible.

  • blackartpoetry 5d

    I broke your heart & in turn broke mine,
    You are in pain & I'm falling apart,
    I can't make it all go away
    But please give me a chance.

  • blackartpoetry 1w

    I wanted to mourn for you,
    How would I start;
    Do I cry more that you left me for her,
    Or that you are gone & how you massacred my heart with pain won't be forgotten,
    & Worse you won't know of the damage you caused.

  • blackartpoetry 2w

    I don't need cars from you,
    I just want you to let me love you,
    As you love me back with so much intensity.

  • blackartpoetry 2w

    We were two broken kids,
    So used to breaking
    that when there was nothing left to break,
    We walked away.

  • blackartpoetry 2w

    You were important to me,
    I didn't know if I still meant as much to you;
    all I knew is I needed to stop calling your phone:
    Maybe I knew how to;
    getting high to a state I feel nothing
    Downside is, there's no coming back from it.

  • blackartpoetry 2w

    Even when loving you got tiring,
    I didn't want to let go;
    My heart only knew you.

  • blackartpoetry 3w

    Pick yourself a little more today, this week. You matter too.

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    At the candy store today,
    I was something on the shelf;
    It was glossy & pretty,
    I took it:
    It was me .

  • blackartpoetry 3w

    I've ever loved someone
    But never have I been so dazed,
    about calling you mine