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  • blackbird_muse 1w

    Yes, sometimes I just wish everyday of my feels like the early hours of the morning, 4:am. Can't get enough of the serenity and cozy weather and...

    No, let's not talk about 4:am.


  • blackbird_muse 4w

    Brace up, today might not have brought roses, tomorrow you might wear the costliest precious stones and control the reins of white horses.

    Focus, tomorrow promises nothing. Do not loosen your belt and abandon yourself to the weight of the wind. No, its not destination yet, your little vacation will leave you robbed of your dream.

    Cape diem.


  • blackbird_muse 4w

    I want nothing passive
    If it's ever gonna fail never let me in.

    Let's create a story full of fantasies, sweet words to behold.

    Even though fog may take over the day let's hold on to each other and let the light from our burning hearts of love show us the path.

    Let's make every minute count, let our once upon a time give us a happily ever after.

    ( Same plot that ended great men)


  • blackbird_muse 4w


    Every second feels like a puzzle navigating through life yeah?

    Maybe I'm tired of countless times living on hopes of tomorrow is going to be better.

    Thoughts that past mistakes still haunts and life feels like a trap still.

    But, I am grateful that I've not lost gratitude to "God when?".

    I'm grateful for the small winnings, most people couldn't get it. Grateful that I don't need a million bucks to breathe.

    Situations might have taken their turns playing their pranks but didn't squeeze the life out of me.

    Though tomorrow is uncertain but today, I'm grateful bacause I am not where I used to be.
    Grace trapped me.



  • blackbird_muse 12w


    Starry cloud of darkness, beneath it good and iniquity greets. Beautiful in its nature made terrible by few creatures. It harbours peace and chaos maybe few treasures to behold. Its presence some days you adore, some days it breaks you. Dark clouds of adventure where the moon sees all but says none even after peeping through windows unapologetically. With blissful quietness it drags trueself of everyone amidst the buzz and squirm of creatures as the world abandons its spaces and evolves in every troubled heart. Masked guilt find faces and clamor for attention as those who have found peace give in to rest, ignoring the world within. Nightime is of honor, it is also of terror.


  • blackbird_muse 16w

    A love chant

    With the sincerity of words, I love you.
    Not just in my words but in my actions.
    In my patience in dealing with you.
    In my trusting you and thinking the best of you.
    That is why I am quick to share with you and give you whatever it is I can.
    I understand we are all weak and that is the reason I hold your hands because we can do it best together.
    And if I could lay down my life for you, I would.
    My songs of love are not empty, I would not bother staying them to you if they were.
    It is my yearning to learn more of you, trying to understand you, waiting to see that beautiful smile on my face all the time that I am convinced I am not a con.
    With all sincerity, I want to see you shine, you are better that way. We are better that way.
    I hope my love does something phenomenal, kisses every part of you and bring out the best in you because we are reflections of each other and your best is my best.


  • blackbird_muse 17w

    Ever wondered if its really what they call it?
    Desperation, but who is actually ready? Misplaced attraction more like infatuation and they call it love. You've told yourself you love just immediately after the first sight. What's the test of clarity for your feelings?
    Ever imagined every unknown and ugly situation and what your reaction would be? Maybe you forgot to consider the sacrifices knowing tomorrow holds a lot unknown. Ignorance of foundational basis of both parties has led to most domestic violence, the only base then was lust, hyperactive attitudes with only consideration of selfish benefits. Whatever happened to compatibility of both parties, knowledge of ideologies and philosophies that makes up the being they are presently. Society fed almost every young one the ideology that love is all about sweetness, getting unusual gifts you can barely afford comfortably, going on an all expense paid trips and enjoying exquisite values. Love is complementing each other I guess, so try and fit into every aspect in compliance to what it is, philosophies that makes up who they are too. Love and let it be love.


  • blackbird_muse 18w

    I just literally observe the trend and end up appreciating my silence. The lovey dovey of months gone, everyone feels like a stranger once again and we barely have few seconds to reminisce those moments and secrets shared. Haq... Part of me would've been outside dangling and just feeling a gap with no value in the ears of those we called "love" or still been a tool of mockery and emotional blackmail? Whatever it is that keeps my mouth shut even when the pressure is much you're doing well but don't lead me to eternity...

  • blackbird_muse 40w


    Freedom has it all
    Thousand ways to soar
    Million ways to crumble
    Deeds in gold
    Deeds to earth crust

    Let your passion run wild
    Careless what the master compels
    Treat wisely it pays
    Wallow carelessly in its exuberance it kills
    Freedom has got rules too

    Silently it placed its rules on man
    Pills of caution to take
    Not like the bird whose nature has blessed
    Obedience to its rules brings forth peace
    Its abuse chaos.



  • blackbird_muse 40w


    Do you remember?
    Time seemed to have locked up everything for us.
    We were reaching out for all in patience.
    All hopes were alive, breathing fresh on us.
    Full of life, we were calm.
    Treasures found in us pleasure.
    Do you remember
    Times passed we celebrated.
    After moments of trials we jubiliated.
    Careful with steps, never wanted to limp.
    Wanted so much in life, Was I too greedy?
    Where did time go?
    I lost it.
    Do you remember?
    It spanked different.
    Everything I ever wanted left; wasted
    It became hard to have a moment of silence.
    No one in sight but voices in my head have always got something to talk about.
    Everyday I wish I could go back in time.
    I died a million times.
    Do you remember?
    The attitude in me died.
    Switched up an unknown being just to feel the pains alone.
    Became a stranger to every place I once called home.
    You think I forgot my friends?
    You think I don't want to associate with em'?
    I only want to face the trauma, hurting no one.
    Maybe fix myself, always been scared to
    Do you remember?
    Way too long and still owns more maybe.
    Waiting for the day I will leave every heart attached to me bleeding.
    Don't want to witness this day, yet I just
    want it to come and go.
    Fix up my life or screw things up once.
    Always in deep thoughts, only me knows.
    Today I choose to remember.