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  • blackflint 20w

    You paint pictures with your words but I am blinded by the vivid colours.
    Take it easy on me...

    I've been kept in the dark for too long.


  • blackflint 22w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Canvas

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    Your poems paint a picture on my heart's canvas.

  • blackflint 24w


    The earth becomes monochrome.
    We mourn the death of the rainbow in our skies.
    Soot falls like snow.
    Charred rubbish flies.
    Its flight reminds me of a child throwing a paper plane in the air.
    The clock chimes, interrupting my reminisce of the good old times.

    //you can not wash off the repercussion; its in our water, its in the air//

    I remember when this all began
    In my mind, the image comes alive
    Standing on my front yard with a bottle of coke and sky gazing,
    I see a star moving closer and closer until...
    A gift from one of our distant neighbor.

    In the present, I blink.
    Mutually assured destruction is real even if one party strikes.
    Its felt by every part, it turns out.

    I close my eyes and see the earth healing, though its bit by bit.
    Hope still cries out, we can only hope she doesn't burn out.


  • blackflint 29w

    Tomorrow, not today.

    We'll ride on tomorrow...

    But not one we'll call today,


  • blackflint 29w

    Experimental slashes.

    I smell it before I see it, its metallic.
    Metallic colors flood my mind then, I see red.
    Red on the floor, liquid.
    Liquid flows, makes a pool.

    //Pool; in this game two began but one is gone, still here but lying on the floor.//

    Floor, wooden squeaks as I walk to where the blood began its journey.

    //Journeys; sometimes the travelers don't know when it begins, they surely know the ending.//

    Ending halfway there, I stoop to see the body.
    Body slashed at several places, an attempt to carve out his heart.
    Heart, wait, is it a he?

    //He lies still but his eyes flutter, I feel like I'm invading his privacy watching him bleed.//

    Bleed all over the polished wooden floor till the rug at the centre of the room soaks it in, let me worry about the stain since its all I can do about the blood.

    Blood keeps spreading, the cracks in the floor drinking some and somehow it gets to my feet though I have been frozen to a spot, observing.

    //observing heartbreak from afar//

    Afar off I see his heart in his right hand, I gasp because somehow its still beating.
    Beating like hope flapped its wings crying out from Pandora's box, just like old times.

    //Times when plan 'B' was recovery//

    Recovery began when our eyes locked and he saw me standing in some miraculous way but in my hand was a weapon made of the same thing that had him on the floor, barely breathing.
    Breathing as he shared his story with nothing but my eyes.

    //Eyes before heart, they really are windows so show them what's inside before you open the door to let them in//

    In his vacant eyes do I realize that he had carved his heart for someone he barely knew and frightened from what she had seen, bless her, left him here for he was worth dead than alive...

    //Alive is his heart, a witness to this suicide.//


  • blackflint 30w


    They said, the walls have ears
    So I told it all my secrets
    I told it my past and present
    Those dirty shiny details,
    I washed them with my tears
    I narrated my life's stories
    And told it all my fears
    Face down and sour
    How my problems began with a thin gossiping wall.

    "Can the walls talk too?" Asked a wall
    Not the one I now faced, confiding
    But the one I was confined in
    The one I built, the firewall around my heart
    That kept everyone else out
    The one that told my secret
    That made me blurt what I was feeling
    When I should have kept it inside
    I guess it was expected
    Like hexane, kept in an enclosed space and lit
    I exploded, violently.
    My outburst; a flame, the beginning of the scars
    If this was a child's game
    You could say I started it

    The blows tamed my wild fire
    The words cut and lingered
    The wounds never completely healed
    Like a third degree burn,it went deeper
    In this solitary confinement
    All I got is the walls that surround me
    Listen! Please...


  • blackflint 30w


    Have you ever forgotten how to breathe?
    Completely couldn't comprehend a thing?
    Too high up
    Way too high up
    Somewhere in between.

    Swimming in thin air.
    Blinded by drowning instinct
    Not knowing if up is down or down is up
    Cutting all other options with Occam's razor,
    Easy does it, easy does it.
    Making no choice at all.
    Deciding to stay in the middle.
    Disobeying gravity? Impossible.

    You either fly or land.
    Don't blame it on Janus.
    Its on you.

    But somewhere in the middle of hating yourself
    You're incoherent.
    It chaos now.
    Your mind, a tower of babel.
    Discordant cacophony.

    Where did ego get you now?


  • blackflint 31w


    There was a time it seemed only nature listened to me.
    Responding with my own voice
    She carried her message on the wind.
    And it was loudest in void, without noise.
    Ignoring Narcissus' platitude,
    I was comforted in solitude.

  • blackflint 31w

    #expressions #themidnightsellerofsecrets #mirakee #sur_title_ch
    This topic was quite challenging but I'm glad I finally came up with something��

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    The midnight seller of secrets

    In the beginning, it ends with lunacy.
    At midnight, she told me secrets.
    Scenes she had witnessed,
    Stories she had heard,
    What she had, what she'd lost.
    She showed me her dark side, mysteries.
    Craters, scars.
    Bits of her chipped away by passing thrills, meteors.
    She whispered in my ears, so no one else would hear,
    that all the light and warmth she had, she owed the sun.
    And she could never pay back.
    She told me she was lonely, alone.
    Jealous of the stars.
    How they had a constellation and all that,
    Guiding travelers in the right path.
    She complained she was barren, bare.
    Envious of mother Earth.
    She grumbled saying she was now a conquered cause.
    And that we humans now to far away worlds explored.
    She said the wolves no longer sang.
    The bats, no longer nocturnal.
    Everything waiting for the morning now.
    She asked why she had to show herself in phases.
    Everyday, different faces.
    She sold me secrets at midnight
    When everywhere held a serene calm
    She came to me as a damsel to a knight
    Telling me of her plight.
    Filling my ears and pushing it in,
    Sad tales breaking my heart.
    My mind.
    Now, I speak a language only she understands,
    Its misery in gibberish.
    I've become a loon.

    At midnight, the moon sold me secrets
    And it cost my mind.

  • blackflint 31w

    Inspired by "Dark matter" by Blake Crouch.
    #expressions #Superposition #mirakee #ceesreposts

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    I won't observe if you care or not.
    I'll ignore your stares,
    Your sweet words,
    Your kind acts.
    I'll refuse to love you.
    I'd rather leave it as it is.
    Be stoic.
    For there's countless possibilities,
    Our wave function
    And if I observe you, it will collapse.
    Then I would be sure,
    It was me you were looking for
    But I'm certain it would hurt more.
    If you left me eventually,
    I couldn't survive it.
    But then again, another version of me in the multiverse might.
    Or even better... We would have never met.